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Thursday, 15 December 2011

‘Rights for Rapists’, or, ‘Alphonse Semo, the Congolese ‘Kong’’

It has been rumoured for years that a relict population of dinosaurs could live deep within the Congolese jungle; yet whereas the prospect of coming face-to-face with a giant lizard might seem terrifying enough, this is as of nothing, particularly if you should be a woman, when compared to coming face-to-face with a real beast from the Congo: Alphonse Semo. Unfortunately for us, Semo is no longer a resident of the Congo, but of the United Kingdom.

Alphonse Semo is a repellent individual, and any state to which he did not belong that was rationally governed would send him back to his country of origin – the Congo - in an instant. Unfortunately, our country is not rationally governed, and thus Semo remains in England. The Daily Mail reports that the 54-year-old Semo has just been released from prison having been sentenced in 2002 to eight years for rape. His victim was dumped on a rubbish tip after he had finished with her.

This man came to this country claiming 'asylum', and look at the manner in which he repaid his host society! This brings to mind the recent Congolese attack on carol singers in Trafalgar Square, and the criminal damage that they inflicted upon property and cars; Congolese ‘asylum seekers’ trashing our country and behaving in the uncivilised manner to which they are accustomed in their land of origin. None of them should be here. What benefit do we gain by their presence? None. What disadvantages do we gain by their presence? Many.


Alphonse Semo was on the point of being deported from the UK, but was then permitted by a judge to marry his girlfriend who had just acquired German citizenship. This meant that he automatically gained the right to remain in the UK. Is this a rational decision? Is this a decision that will ‘enrich’ our country? The full story can be found at the Daily Mail here

Artist's Impression of Alphonse Semo (the Congolese 'Kong')


  1. YOU got that right !!! They ask for asylum (whether they are from Congo or Afghanistan) get to England or Sweden (where I live) and immediately begin reigns of terror, raping, gang raping, drug dealing, rioting, demanding, trashing asylum housing. They are ungrateful, they hate us, they rape us and kill us. Just how does one prove they need asylum anyway? Just by being from that country? RUBBISH.

    1. Thanks for your comment BunBun. It's a great pity that both Sweden and Britain, along with many other Western countries, take this ridiculous attitude towards 'asylum'. After all, asylum legislation was developed specifically to offer refuge to those fleeing totalitarian regimes such as those of the former Soviet bloc, not for anyone who turns up from Africa or Asia simply asserting that they cannot return to their homeland for various spurious reasons. This provides of course, a massive opportunity for violent foreign criminals to flood into our countries, suitably (from their perspective) anonymised and able to prey upon us at will until they are caught. Even then, our authorities often will not deport them.

      I am aware that Malmo has some terrible problems brought about by mass immigration, but what is the situation like where you live? What sorts of attitudes do your friends and family have to these issues? Have they changed much in recent years? It would be interesting to hear from you whether you think that there is a shift going on in the attitudes of Swedes with respect to these matters.


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