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Sunday 4 December 2011

Taking Liberties: No Future in England’s Dreaming

It has been a strange and disconcerting week. As the managed collapse in living standards and the implosion of our hollow debt-based economy continues, pensions are slashed and millions of us are told that we will have to work a year longer to receive our state pension, it is not this process of gradual and deliberate mass immiseration that has caused outrage in the media, but comments by two individuals: Emma West and Jeremy Clarkson. This is a revealing moment, for it demonstrates that the media and dominant political class have lost all sense of proportion, and are now completely out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people. It should also be a matter for deep concern, as this reaction has laid bare the limits of what it is deemed permissible to say in public in Britain today, and how far the state and media are willing to go to gag free speech.

Emma West may have caused offence to individuals during her rant on a tram, and her language was certainly inappropriate, particularly given that she was holding her own child at the time and other children were present, but behaving in such a way should not have been grounds for her being remanded in custody on a charge of ‘racial harassment’. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, and although I would not condone her verbally lashing out at her fellow passengers, the frustrated sentiments to which she was giving vent with respect to untrammelled mass immigration and the deliberate displacement and political marginalisation of English people, are matters of concern for a significant swathe of the British public. Her observations were, after all, in line with those of a number of celebrities who have already made statements on this issue. We are, in many parts of the country, already aliens in our own land, and this situation has been deliberately engineered.

Interestingly, another video of an individual ranting on a tram has recently come to light, but this time in France. Although perhaps a French citizen, the person concerned is of African extraction, and voices nothing but contempt for his fellow passengers; in fact, he displays something rather stronger than contempt, for he calls for their genocide. Emma West neither called for genocide nor for any form of violence; all she did was give voice, albeit in a not very eloquent fashion, to her sense of estrangement from life in her own country, owing to its rapid transformation into something altogether culturally and humanly alien. The footage from France evidently depicts someone who has chosen to make France his home, yet he expresses his wholehearted hatred not only of the French, but of white people in general. Whereas Emma West has been prosecuted and had her children taken away from her, this man, having called for the mass murder of whites simply because they are white, walked away from his journey without let or hindrance. The second video was also shot in France, and shows a group of Muslims on public transport calling for the death of non-Muslim men. Compare the content of these to the video of Emma West, then read on.

Emma West of course, is not the only individual to have found herself in hot water for saying the ‘wrong’ thing this week. Englishman Jeremy Clarkson was upbraided for having made a flippant remark about having public sector workers shot for striking on Wednesday. The humourless leadership of the giant union Unison then promptly called for the BBC to sack him, displaying an autistic literalism with respect to the words that he uttered on Wednesday evening’s One Show. Jeremy Clarkson is neither Heinrich Himmler nor Lavrenti Beria; he is rather, a well-paid television presenter who is well known for holding politically incorrect views and giving voice to them onscreen and in print. For anyone to have thought that he really meant that striking public sector workers should be summarily executed demonstrates an incredible failure of humour on the part of those who objected and called for his dismissal. It betrayed the totalitarian instincts of the self-appointed priggish moral guardians who head Unison. They revealed themselves to be, whatever their protestations to the contrary, enemies of liberty and free expression.

Public sector workers had the right to strike on Wednesday, and many of them did so. I support their right to strike. What I do not support however, is the call of some union leaders to silence freedom of speech. In their calling for Clarkson’s sacking we witnessed union leaders displaying the ugly mentality of a fatwa-issuing ayatollah, a commissar, or one of the ‘godly’ members of Cromwell’s Barebones Parliament: self-righteous prigs convinced of the moral superiority of their cause. This is also what we saw at play with the arrest of Emma West.

Such attitudes provide the fertile soil from which tyranny and a reign of terror may spring. Blaise Pascal’s observation that  "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" can be equally applied to those acting out of a political conviction which they believe to be rooted in morality and the concept of “the good”. Witness the outpouring of hatred which greeted West’s arrest, with many calling for her to have her child taken from her; for her to be gang raped, and for her to be knifed to death or shot. Those expressing these sentiments in their tweets were not, like Clarkson, being humorous, but giving vent to a dark violent intent, lent intensity through being sanctioned by the dominant multiculturalist ideology.

For all of the frivolous talk about our society being “free”, “open” and “tolerant”, this outpouring should serve to illustrate that we live in a country that is nothing of the sort. Whereas the standard media line is that the ‘transgressive’ and the ‘shocking’ are to be celebrated, the reality is that anyone or anything that genuinely challenges the hegemonic and false discursive reality of the multiculturalist status quo, risks not only being subjected to the full force of the repressive apparatus of the state, but to the baying bloodlust of the mob unleashed by a media-directed Two Minutes Hate. Our self-loathing society is perfectly willing and able to issue its own equivalent of fatwas, resulting in the ostracism and professional destruction of anyone who challenges this ideology, and this is what Emma West fell foul of this week.

The question is: how many of our compatriots will recognise this as the watershed moment that it should be? If she can be arrested for airing such sentiments in public, do not be surprised if in the near future voicing criticism of mass immigration and the displacement of the native population, or indeed subscribing to the concept of a native population, becomes criminalized or reclassified as a psychiatric disorder. We are, I am afraid, now perilously close to such a denouement. Is this not so much “England’s dreaming” as England’s nightmare? Whether there is to be a future for us or not, very much depends upon how many of our people wake up to what is happening and draw the requisite political conclusions. Let us hope, that we are not to be the last of England.

The Last of England by Ford Madox Brown


  1. A couple of things.
    Firstly, Emma Wests 'tram rant' is simply a demonstration of what happens when you legislate against free speech. Effectively the lawmakers have shoved a cork in the bottle then proceeded to shake it vigorously. Outbursts like this are bound to happen when people feel they have no legitimate avenue of complaint, or that their voice counts for nothing.
    Secondly I don't believe for a moment that any of those who raised their hands in mock horror thought for one second Clarkson was being serious. They simply saw it as an opportunity to 'get' a prominent right wing personality.
    The faux sensitivity of the tiny percentage of those who police our thoughts and opinions is what is keeping millions of us in check. And these manipulative hand wringers love it. Showing people what is acceptable and what isn't gives them power, and is a thousand times more potent than politics. Its about time parties and figures on the right understood this and learnt to use it to their advantage.

  2. Very true Cygnus. The poor woman appeared to be at her wit's end. Is it any wonder that she seemed disturbed, given the massive contradiction between the official message that 'diversity' is an unalloyed blessing beyond criticism, and the reality of lived experience in London today? And as for Clarkson, yes, Unison simply used his flippant comments as a pretext to clobber him.

    Language is extremely powerful, for without it, you cannot think. This is why such massive importance is attached to the policing and regulation of what is said and what is written by the incumbent political class and the leftists who control the NUJ. This determines the output of the entire mainstream media. Some of us however, awkwardly (for them) cleave to Oldspeak and reject Newspeak, and are thereby able to continue to think clearly and rationally.

    I await a 'Liveaid' style single from Bono this Christmas devoted to promoting the 'harmonious diversity' that he and his ilk appear to think characterises our country today, as a response to the heinous 'racism' of Emma West (ahem!).

  3. If diversity and multiculturalism is such an unalloyed blessing it wouldn't need legislation to protect it from criticism. The right really needs to grow up, ditch its curtain twitching Daily Mail mentality, stop the petty arguments that fracture it and learn to use the media and attendant laws to its advantage. Its no good being constantly on defensive. Will Weston be the man for the job? We shall see.

  4. Quite right: if it were an unalloyed blessing, there would be no need for such legislation as you astutely observe. The fact that the legislation is on the statute books to prevent real criticism of ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism points to the fact that much of the public recognises the real downsides that it brings. The cons by far outweigh the pros. If people want to eat varied cuisine, it’s easy enough to learn how to cook in different styles using a variety of ingredients without importing millions of people from around the globe.

    I also agree that those who oppose multiculturalism, mass immigration, EU membership and Islamisation (which can be dealt with readily enough through getting rid of the first three) ought to stop bickering over irrelevant matters (e.g. some people's hang ups over sexuality) and work towards making the much-needed breakthrough that we require by 2015 to bring about a change in the public mood and consciousness. By 2020, given the current rates of immigration and the higher fertility of the immigrant and immigrant-descended population, the chances of success for a nationalistically-inclined party will have become vanishingly small. I am growing tired of waiting for someone to take practical and effective steps in this direction. I am willing to help in my own modest way, but if I receive no reply to my offers, how can I contribute anything meaningful?

  5. I am surprised that nobody is commenting on one glaring difference between the three videos: Emma West is directly and immediately challenged by other passangers (suggesting they do not fear challenging her). This is not so in the other two videos.

    Yet, it is the non-threatening person whom the law persecutes while the two who are threatening are left free.

    This is a very dangerous precedent - one we have seen increasingly here, in North America, yet one which will lead citizens to be more violent/threatening in order to not be challenged by police. Society should not be moving in this direction...

  6. Absolutely spot on Xanthippa: the difference in the nature of the responses is quite stark, and deeply troubling. Also, witness police inaction with respect to the numerous calls for Emma West’s murder and rape, and the media’s silence on this matter. Something has gone deeply wrong here, and yet so many people do not comprehend this. The last time I looked, the main Emma West video had attracted over ten million views, but about two thirds of those who indicated their opinions on this piece put a tick in the ‘dislike’ box. Whilst I dislike the fact that she was swearing and ranting in front of young children, including her own, it is difficult to divine whether the public ‘dislikes’ show their judgement on her attitudes or her behaviour.


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