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Monday 21 June 2010

Muslims Against Crusades, EDL, One Law for All and UAF Clash

As can be seen from the following report from Russia Today, yesterday's anti-sharia One Law for All demonstration in London found itself subject to an unpleasant and highly vociferous counter-demonstration from Islamists. Once again, it was said to have been carried out by the new group Muslims Against Crusades. The EDL arrived to counter MAC, and then later a contingent of Muslim UAF demonstrators arrived from their leftist anti-EDL hatefest which had been held in Tower Hamlets. This was a very complicated situation which must have caused the Metropolitan Police a headache.

For years I have been warning that the policies being followed by our mainstream politicians - promoting multiculturalism, Islamisation and practically unrestricted immigration from the Muslim world - would have unpleasant consequences. In Britain, we are now seeing Islamists flex their muscles as they have been emboldened by their growing numbers and our weakness. Our politicians like Cameron, Simon Hughes and Gordon Brown have all displayed the most repellent sycophancy in deferring to Islam. Perhaps, if I were feeling charitable, I would say that they have done so with the best of intentions; but if this is the case, they have been painfully naïve. They have sown the dragon's teeth and are now beginning to reap a predictable harvest.


  1. Won't be long before the mohammedans kick off big time. The enemy within is getting restless.

  2. It's looking distinctly unpleasant. Perhaps they believe that they are reaching a critical mass at which point they can make a bid to seize power (certainly within the confines of 'their' new territories at least). History, alas, is replete with examples of a driven bunch of barbarians overthrowing societies. I just wish that they'd shuffle off to their ancestral ethnic homelands and take the converts with them.

  3. become a mislum today and become a non-prophet of the malsi.

  4. I do detect that Muslim youth in the UK is fast becoming militant, restless and angry. They seem to blame colonialism, the USA and the Jews as being complicit in all manner of plots to destroy their faith.
    I am deeply saddened by this since I spent almost 30 years of my teaching life (in Bradford) trying to build bridges and foster tolerance and respect for all.

  5. It is indeed Paul, and there are two factors that lie at the root of this problem: firstly and most importantly, it is the arrogant attitude of these young Muslims vis-à-vis all others; an attitude that grows directly out of their adherence to doctrinaire Islam. Secondly, it is the fault of people who have enabled Islam to flourish in this country; the vicious exponents of multiculturalism who hounded Ray Honeyford out of his job for speaking the truth. Admit it: multiculturalism has failed. It has led to the deliberate Balkanisation of Britain, and I do not like what I see.

    The amount of ordinary people I know who have been driven from their homes by the aggression of the rapidly growing Muslim colonising minority (routine verbal abuse, dog excrement through letterboxes, gang beatings, bricks through windows, death threats and arson attacks) is truly alarming. They have had to move out to towns away from their former home city, to preserve their personal safety and sanity. This is the ugly reality created by multiculturalist dogma. Your intentions may have been noble, but you'll get no thanks for your kindness and consideration from the snapping Islamist cur that you have unwittingly helped to unleash upon our people.


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