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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Campaign Islam Channel: not exactly scintillating Viewing

Another day and another expression of Islamic supremacism. The Loganswarning blog has drawn attention to the emergence of yet another Islamist propagandist vehicle in the UK calling itself Campaign Islam. This Youtube channel makes quite clear its hatred for us, our culture and way of life. It calls upon the Ummah to unite against the kuffar. The first of the following videos is a brief introduction to Campaign Islam, whereas the second features a burqa-clad female droning on about how the Ummah needs to pull together to confront an increasingly united array of kuffar opponents. A further video concerning an upcoming women-only conference debating the role of the burqa can be accessed here. When will they learn that they should just go away and leave us in peace? They’re not happy here, and they’re making us miserable too. Let’s get a divorce.

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