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Saturday 19 June 2010

Video Footage of Paris Counter-Islamisation Demonstration

Initial reports suggested that only 300-400 people turned out for last night’s anti-Islamisation demonstration in Paris. However, as can be seen from the footage below, numbers seem to have been in excess of this estimate. Although falling somewhat short of its 7,000 Facebook supporters, Le Parisien (which typically branded the protest “far-right”) estimates that there were perhaps 800 people present. This seems more realistic. Given that the banning of the event had been widely publicised and that it had had to relocate from its original location of the Goutte d’Or, this number is perhaps not as disappointing as it initially appears.

As can be seen, the crowd were in good spirits. Sylvie François, Bloc Identitaire, Riposte Laïque and the many other supporters of this protest must be congratulated upon an imaginative riposte to Islamisation. I hope to see many more such protests and not only in France. Perhaps such an approach could be adopted here in Britain with a mass dogwalk with “seeing-eye dogs” leading the way in parks which have become effective no-go zones for native Britons because of Islamisation.

The third video below shows the Friday phenomenon which prompted this protest.


  1. Start eating sausage with a glass of wine on the sidewalk, may be they stay away.
    Bring along a pig as a pet.

  2. Anonymous, I couldn't offend a live pig by eating one of its kind in its presence, but I'd happily eat sausage and drink wine in close proximity to a mosque (providing I were in a bullet-proof enclosure of course ;-)). It would be interesting to see how Mohammedans would react to a drove of pigs joyously squeeling through 'their' streets.

  3. muslims hate dogs too. Only an evil, evil person hates the loyal friend of man... the DOG!

  4. keep up the great work ..... From EDL

  5. They do hate dogs. In fact, what doesn't their ideology hate? It prescribes hatred for women, free-thought, atheists, alcohol, pigs, figurative art, homosexuals,tolerance (except of Muslims), Motoons and humour. Basically, Islam hates life and loves death.

    Thanks for the message EDL. Keep up your good work too.

  6. Celtic chieftain Calgacus of Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 84 C.E. at the Battle of Mons Graupius: "We, the most distant dwellers upon the Earth, the last of the free, have been
    shielded until now by our remoteness and by the obscurity which has shrouded our name. Now, the farthest bounds of Britain lie open to our enemies. There are no more nations beyond us only waves, and rocks, and the Romans. Pillagers of the world, they have exhausted the land by their indiscriminate plunder. East and west alike have failed to satisfy them. To robbery, butchery and rapine, they give the lying name 'government'. They create a desert and call it peace. Which will you choose, to follow me into battle, or to submit to taxation, labor in the mines and all the other tribulations of slavery?
    Whether you are to endure these forever or take a quick revenge, this battle must decide."

  7. Thank you TLW for a fuller quote from Calgacus. Tacitus certainly gave this noble foe of the Romans a wonderful speech that to my mind ranks alongside the best delivered by Churchill. In fact, although Churchill was a poor Latin scholar, I am sure that he would have been aware of Calgacus' inspiring words. They resonate with us today, for although the foe is different, the sentiment which they embody is timeless.


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