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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ed Balls on Immigration and Turkey

Labour leadership candidate Ed Balls appeared on today's Politics Show and as in a piece in today's Observer claimed that he was concerned about immigration, although what he meant to say was that he was concerned that his constituents might not vote for him if he does not pay lip service to their views on immigration. As for lip service, his was about as mealy-mouthed as you can get.

Once again Balls used the Poles as the whipping boys in expressing his putative concern over the immigration issue, whilst simultaneously paying mandatory dhimmi tribute to Muslims by citing the distress caused to Muslim constituents in locations such as Dewsbury by immigration from Eastern Europe. When pressed by the interviewer to clarify his position on Turkey's entry to the EU, the necessary freedom of labour mobility and the influx of Muslim immigrants that this would entail and whether he though that this would cause problems for indigenous (although this word was not used) voters he refused to answer. He was specifically asked what he thought about the "socio-cultural (code for Islamic) implications" of such immigration, but once again refused to even acknowledge the question by claiming that this was not a 'race' (sic) issue and returning to an attack on the Poles.

In sum, reading between the lines, this is what Balls would have said in his interview with the Politics Show had he been speaking honestly:
  • I am pro-globalisation, mass immigration and the UK's absorption into the EU
  • I am going to talk about immigration so that the headlines will say that I am addressing the issue. To the unobservant eye of the casual reader this will equate to me thinking that mass immigration should be curbed and acting to curb it, although I aim to do precisely the opposite
  • I like Muslims because they vote Labour
  • I don't like Poles because they're white Europeans with traditional values. However, having said that, they're really useful in driving down domestic wages and increasing the profits of my rich chums in the business world
  • Turkey's accession to the EU will generate a massive influx of Labour-voting Muslim immigrants into the UK and help to destroy the country's sense of identity
Ed Balls is another self-seeking careerist who cares not one jot for the well-being of the people of this country. Ed, I would like to award you with the title of Dhimmi Traitor on this special day - 6 June 2010 - to commemorate the betrayal of the values for which so many of our brave men died on the beaches of Normandy on this day 66 years ago.


  1. Ed balls is an aptly named onanist. Cygnus.

  2. He certainly does have an appropriate name Cygnus, but it would be even more so if he possessed a double-barrelled name with the second part of the pairing being "Up".

  3. Definitely. Without being too long winded, my regular drinking hole is about two miles away from 'his' constituency and he was a matter of great debate this saturday. Particularly the ultra smug interview that he gave in the early hours on election night. Ever noticed how, when lefties have no rational argument in the tank they resort to tired insults and anger? Cygnus.

  4. I hope that the great Balls debate concluded with a suitably scathing general opinion of the aspirant Labour leader?

    Your observation re the general lefty response to nationalists is apposite: they have no arguments and instead give vent to frenzied expressions of hate. Their response is always based upon emotion, never upon rational analysis and debate. Well, this stance does fit very much with their intellectual pedigree doesn't it? It goes all the way back to Marx and Engels who cursed their fellow Germans in 1848 for being too moderate in their revolutionary demands and actions. The bearded ones lusted for blood, and every leading Marxist ever since (Bukharin excepted) has been imbued with a deep misanthropy towards millions of individuals whilst professing 'love' for a generalised humanity.

    Many contemporary Leftists would wish to deal with us as their political forebears dealt with the 'kulaks' (in reality decent, hard-working individualist peasant farmers): physically eliminate us.

  5. Actually the debate ended when a woman (who wasn't part of the converstation and probably only heard a fraction of it) took exception to some of the things me and my friend were saying regarding immigration and flew into a rage. I dont mean she was angry, i mean she was furious that we might have had opinions that were different to hers. I quickly realised there was no point talking to this harpy and ignored her and she left. About 5 minutes later she reappeared to tell me her husband and his friends were in the tap room and me and my friend had better watch ourselves as we were going to get beaten up when we stepped outside. I had a word with the landlord and she and her cronies were asked to leave and barred on the spot. She didn't go quietly. It was all quite odd but nothing i haven't experienced before. Cygnus.

  6. Well done on getting that idiot and her friends barred from your local. Such displays of irrational hatred triggered by the voicing of opinions with which people of this type view as beyond the pale is alas far too common. An ex-girlfriend of mine tripped over into rabid ranting sobbing hysteria as I tried to outline the structural and ideological similarities of Islam, Nazism and Communism. Rather than trying to understand what I was saying, she stated that she was afraid I was having some sort of 'breakdown' (the cheek!). That was the end of my respect for her, and the relationship collapsed forthwith.

    We have now reached such a stage of government and media nourished hysteria in this country that any attempt to be non-doctrinaire, rational and objective in analysing problems in our society arising directly from enforced multiculturalism and Islamisation is greeted with screaming accusations of crypto-Nazism and, predictably, 'racism'. Nationalist thinking is being redefined as mental illness rather than intellectual dissidence. Shades of the Soviet Union methinks.

  7. Sorry to hear of your experience with your ex girlfriend. Yes, there is absolutely one accepted mode of thinking now and anyone who dares to deviate from that is painted as being a bigot, misinformed, sub-normal or mad. I'd like to think i'm none of the above. Can you name me one openly nationalist actor/comedian/musician/author/journalist/director/producer/reviewer etc? Not in the mainstream you cant. And until this changes it wont matter what the bnp does, the public perception wont change. I believe the pressure should be applied to the media and fairness should be fought for. We know that their arguments crumble under rational debate. I truly believe a massive amount of effort should be aimed at that, nobody's beliefs should be professional suicide. We simply cannot change public perception by stealth, it wont happen. Cygnus.

  8. I've been struggling all evening trying to think of a well-known figure in British entertainment who possesses an openly nationalist stance but have yet to come up with a single name. Unsurprising really, when you think of the barrage of opprobrium which is released when any figure vaguely departs from the multicultural script. The only examples I can think of are Morrisey (accused of 'racism' but who has openly backed the UAF) and Rod Liddle (not exactly in entertainment, but he is a well-known journalist and has made some television documentaries). I think that Liddle's nationalist inclinations are more genuine, but he really has been put through the mill because of this over the last few months. He's not exactly someone who's going to inspire 'the youth' though is he?

  9. I did consider morrisey. He definitely has taken a nationalistic stance in the past, both in interviews and his lyrics, but he's also donated large amounts of cash to the 'Love music, hate racism' cause. I concluded that he is the type of person who loves that people cant pigeon hole him so its impossible to tell what is genuine and what is affectation. Thinking about how many people hold similar views to ours its ridiculous that we dont have a single voice in the mainstream media. I believe thats what needs to change. Publicity isn't the same as representation. Cygnus.

  10. I've always been interested in politics, however of late more so. Being born at the time of Wilson's government but predominantly through Thatcher's, there's never really been anyone I've truly disliked. However, NuLabour, I can truthfully say I pretty much loathed all of them. A disgusting collection of champagne socialists if ever there was and Ed Balls has to be one of the slimiest, nastiest pieces of work out there.
    You're of course very correct. Balls was quite happy to stand back and say nothing while in power as NuLabour continued to open the immigration flood gates, but now he's in the shadow government and not looking as though he'll get back in, he's now whistling a different tune.
    I can see he's a lying ****. You can see he's a lying ****. However, how long before our public forgets what he is?

    If a politician speaks you know that they're lying.
    If a politican isn't speaking, they're just getting ready to lie.

  11. I'm with you on recognising Morrisey's deliberate affectation of ambiguity Cygnus. It is alarming that there is not a single voice which defends our position in the mainstream media. The hate that is directed towards us is quite frightening. I really am at an utter loss as to why it is we who are portrayed as 'violent thugs' when we are in fact continuously victimised.

    Me violent? I don't think so. One of the major reasons underpinning my nationalist stance is the fact that I wish to preserve civil peace in this country of ours. Alas, my blog seems to have been targeted by hostile Muslims today who have taken affront at my accurate description of the situation in Dewsbury in the second article that I wrote on the town. I've let a couple of the comments through so far (feel free to read if you're inquisitive), but given that the entirety of the mainstream media and most of the internet allows Dawa free reign, I think I shall put a stop to it. I will however copy all comments for reference and take note of ISPs where violence is threatened.

  12. Winston, the last Labour administration was certainly the worst that I can remember and was overbrimming with unpleasant characters. Balls is vile, but then again, so are all of the other contenders for the Labour leadership.

    Astonishingly, most of my colleagues think that there is a genuine ideological gulf between the Condem administration and Labour! Then again, they're all dyed-in-the-wool Labourites with the odd SWP bod thrown in (pure speculation on my part, but all the signs are there). All are vehement globalists and don't recognise the direct contradiction between this ideology and true democracy/politics. I've grown increasingly uneasy about voicing opinions on politics in their company and now attempt to shun mention of it altogether. I could do with a new job.

  13. Interesting. Just read the posts about dewsbury for the first time and thought they were pretty much spot on. Also read the responses you refer to. I think at least two of them were written by the same person as they make exactly the same grammatical errors in both. But thats normal isn't it? Try to make one noisy voice sound like many? I wouldn't let it get to you at all. Cygnus.

  14. True Cygnus: a lot of posts by 'Anonymous' tend to be by the same person, but I notice that a number of readers (Muslims) have been alerted to the existence of the articles on Dewsbury via email. Anyway, my mood has been lifted somewhat today by the cheering result delivered by Geert Wilders and the PVV. One day we shall have such a reason to smile here too.


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