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Monday, 14 June 2010

Sylvie François and Bloc Identitaire: Armed with Wine and Pork Sausage

Well, we are all familiar with the sad state of decay, colonisation and Islamisation that characterise London today, but our Gallic cousins in Paris are faring no better for the self-same processes are also evident in this once glorious city. However, thanks to the initiative of Sylvie François, Bloc Identitaire will be making a stand against Islamisation in a quintessentially French manner at 7pm on 18 June through celebrating two great French loves: wine and fine pork sausage.

Sylvie has set up a Facebook group calling for supporters to gather for the pork and wine party in the Goutte D’or arrondissement of Paris which although once a traditional working class district has long since fallen to colonisation by Muslim Arab and African immigrants. The video below shows footage and photographs from the Goutte D’or taken in the twentieth and nineteenth centuries, contrasting them with the scenes today which show how it has effectively ceased to be part of France.

This enjoyable and humorous gastronomic riposte to Islamisation has drawn flak from a predictable quarter: SOS Racisme and the French Communist Party. The AFP reports a statement from the latter which reads: "this disgusting joke seeks to exacerbate the differences that make for the richness of the 18th arrondissement (district)." Oh dear - “richness” – it would seem that French leftists also view colonisation and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population as ‘enrichment’.

So, not so different from over here in blighty, eh? Anti-racist groups and Communists uniting to protect and promote Islamisation, stigmatising ordinary French people who don’t want their culture and way of life destroyed. Well, I would like to wish Sylvie, Bloc Identitaire and their supporters on Facebook bonnes chances et bons appetits!


  1. Here is wishing much success in this endeavour from a Canadian in Alberta Canada. I will have a couple of beers and some sausage with you here. (Sorry I am just not a wine guy)

  2. Cheers Bob. Although I do drink wine, I'll be toasting their success with some real ale accompanying my sausages. If we were to attempt something similar here in the UK, a hog roast with ale could be appropriate.

  3. Durotrigan, just came across your blog, well done!

    Just wondering, the massive Muslim immigration to the UK was arranged by New Labour to rile the Conservatives. Is there any way for Brits to issue a class action against the responsible politicians?

  4. I cannot have a meaningful opinion on immigration in Britain, because I am not British, and I do not live there.

    However, I do live next to the 18th arrondissement in the 20ème which remains a working class (popular) quartier, while at the same time being largely composed of immigrants.

    This "apero" was to take place in the street next to a mosque, during Friday prayer, in a place where people pray in the street because the mosque is too small (and no, the permit cannot be obtained for reconstruction or building another mosque.) The organizers planned to create an opportunity for very bad feelings, and or violence.

    France opened her doors to immigration after WWII, allowing mostly North Africans to settle in specific cities. In 1879 France declared Algeria an integral part of France (this, well after the annexation.) Considering they were the "same country" (the original French nuclear program, was by the way, conducted in Algeria, by Algerian scientists) it's no surprise the country is full of North Africans. It is also normal that long term immigrants keep their religions in a secular state.

    There are many "sans papiers" from West Africa as well. They are employed often by legitimate, large French companies (the contractors who build and maintain highway and public transit systems for instance.)

    The large majority of non-Arab French are atheists. Muslims almost surely outnumber practicants of all other religions in France.

    The France to which Bloc Identitaire (the political action group behind the fictitious "Sylvie François") ceased to exist a long time
    ago for Paris and all major French cities. There is no "pre-immigration" past to which one can return, whether or not anyone likes it.

  5. What says this "Anonymous" is bullshit, filled with outright lies.

    This "apéro" wasn't to take place during the Frisay prayer. It was to take place 5 hours AFTER the end of the Friday prayer !

    And it's a right to eat what you want to eat, in all democratic countries !

    And the presence of a mosque isn't a reason to forbid people to eat the food they like : France is a democratic country, not a Third World muslim dictatorship !

    To forbid French people to eat their food (pork and wine), is just sheer anti-French racism.

    And this "apéro" was organized by Riposte Laïque, a French secular organization, by the Bloc Identitaire, and by 21 other organizations, from right to left.

    "The large majority of non-Arab French are atheists" : that's a big lie, since 60% of the French are Catholic.

    "Muslims almost surely outnumber practicants of all other religions in France" : that's another big lie, since there are 5 million Muslims in France, and more than 48 million Christians.

    "The France to which Bloc Identitaire ceased to exist a long time ago for Paris and all major French cities." : that's again a big lie, since all the French people still eat their traditional food, which is pork and wine.

    French people are fed up with those hateful liars, those pro-islamist propagandists like this ridiculous "Anonymous" !


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