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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Geert Wilders the Kingmaker?

Geert Wilders's PVV did well in yesterday's parliamentary election, more than doubling its number of seats from 9 to 24 making the party the third largest in the 150-seat chamber. Although the results will not be finalised until later today, it is clear that Wilders will be placed in a strong position following the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD) emerging as the largest party with 31 seats, just edging ahead of the social-democratic Partij van de Arbeid, PvdA which secured 30.

It is clear that no party will have an overall majority and that left-leaning parties will not have sufficient seats to create a coalition on their own. Importantly, according to Deutsche Welle, Mark Rutte, leader of the VVD, has indicated that he would not rule out the possibility of forming a coalition with the PVV and has described the PVV results as impressive. The PVV and the VVD have strengthened their positions considerably since the last election in 2006, taking their number of seats from 22 to 31 and 9 to 24 respectively.

We can but hope that Wilders emerges as the power broker in the new government and secures a position for his party and policy platform. Wilders's strong showing demonstrates that all is not yet lost for native Europeans in their ancestral homelands. This is the positive side to the story, but there is however a negative one, for the PVV's strong showing may generate another pulse of Muslim emigration from the Netherlands to the UK, so prepare yourselves for another bout of 'enrichment' which will be falsely reported as 'European' migration.


  1. Excellent news, much better than i'd hoped. We could learn a few lessons from the PVV and could do worse than try to foster closer relations. It may be just me, but does there seems to be a genuine shift in attitude on the continent? Here's hoping... Cygnus.

  2. We certainly could. Hopefully the momentum building for reform within the BNP could bring about such a necessary shift. I think that the PVV is able to appeal to voters successfully because it doesn't have a leader tainted with a neo-Nazi past.

    Unrepentant British Nationalist has previously commented that replacing Griffin wouldn't make any difference because irrespective of whoever replaced him they and the party would still be lambasted as 'racist'. I think that he is in part missing the point, for although it is true that opponents would continue to use such smears, they would no longer ring true.

    I agree with UBN that Enoch Powell was unjustly labelled a 'racist', 'xenophobe' and 'far-right', but unlike Griffin, Powell was re-elected to Parliament time and time again. He had immense popularity amongst the British public. Nick Griffin does not.

    A significant element within the native Dutch population seems to be waking up to the fact that immigration will destroy their values and national way of life, but here in the UK our large numbers of nationalistically-inclined compatriots don't wish to vote for the BNP because of Griffin's past comments on the Holocaust and the presence (until at least recently) of individuals such as Mark Collett who are clearly neo-Nazis. British nationalism (or its English subset) is by definition opposed to the ideals of Nazism, for the latter sought to destroy our nation and our forebears resisted and defeated this aggressive imperialist ideology. Nazism was a form of German imperialism, not nationalism. Opponents of nationalism always deliberately conflate imperialism and nationalism. We must always clearly state that we are nationalists and not imperialists.

    As for establishing close links with the PVV, I concur with your opinion completely. However, Wilders has stated that he would not wish to be associated with the BNP precisely because of its past neo-Nazi associations. As I have written previously, the party needs to emphatically ditch this element of its past and move on.


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