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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Barking EDL/Muslims Against Crusades Video Footage

As can be seen from the following footage, tempers were running high in Barking today when the Muslims Against Crusades group took to the streets to curse the return of the Royal Anglian Regiment. Still, it is heartening to see that support for the troops far outweighed the disparagement that was forthcoming from this nasty group of Mohammedan loudmouths.


  1. It was supposed tyo be a static protest - Surly marching makes it non-static protest ?

  2. 'Muslims Against Crusades' Huh! If it were not for the crusaders and other European friends, we would all be living in the 7th century now!

  3. A static protest? Well, it could be said that the Mohammedans' protest was static in terms of the attitudes it expressed i.e. stuck in the seventh century. But yes, I take your point Silly Kuffar, this should have been dealt with appropriately by the police given that it clearly turned into a march.

    'Muslims Against Crusades' certainly is a bizarre title Squirrel. Firstly, it's centuries out of date; secondly, being Muslims they'd hardly be in favour of crusades would they? And thirdly, I thought that the crusades (at least the ones to which they are presumably referring which didn't take place in Lithuania, Languedoc or turn on Constantinople)were about recovering the Holy Land for Christendom? If this were to be the case today our so-called crusader armies would be fighting the Israelis for control of their territory wouldn't they? They're a rum bunch these Mohammedan lunatics. Still, thanks to Charles Martel, El Cid, Jan Sobieski and countless others Islam was prevented from ever reaching our shores until . . .

  4. How dare they, it's our bloody country.I'm sick of seeing this sort of thing on our streets.There will be blood it's just a matter of time.Has chowdrey got some thing to do with this group as he's been quite for a while or is it just the rags have had there orders not to report anything about him.

  5. Sorry for having to point this out, but the MAC are the good guys, and it showed. The version of the video posted above is a cut version; here is the full version:

    Anyone can see that the MAC were anti-war activists trying to present their message in a serious way. In contrast, the EDL were just a bunch of orcs looking to hurl insults, start fights and stop people from hearing the MAC's message using noise.

  6. Hello pro-MAC Anonymous. I am against violence and our involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, to claim that 'MAC' are "good guys" as you put it I cannot accept under any circumstances. Our troops are forced to fight in Afghanistan by our corrupt politicians, so if 'MAC' wish to demonstrate, let them do so next to Downing Street.

    MAC are not peaceful "anti-war activists" as you claim. If they were, they would not be flying the black flag of jihad and behaving like the arrogant contemptuous colonisers that they are. It's time for a divorce. All believing Muslims should leave the UK and other European countries and their daughter societies for peace to prevail, otherwise I can see that your so-called "anti-war activists" and their ilk will start to murder my people en masse. I do not wish my country to degenerate into something akin to the killing fields of Bosnia. I am an atheist, and as you know if you are a Muslim, you wish (nay, are compelled by your religion)to seek my death. There is no middle way. Leave.

    I have allowed you to comment, but do not bother to post again as this blog is a Dawah-free zone. Their are plenty of sites on the net where you can proselytise and act the apologist for Islam, but not here.


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