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Monday, 21 June 2010

George Galloway rides the Islamist Tiger

Gandalf at the Up Pompeii blog posted the following video showing a number of speakers at Sunday’s rally/march against the EDL in London’s Tower Hamlets district. Amongst them was George Galloway, former Respect MP and onetime admirer of Saddam Hussain. With a pedigree such as this, it will come as no surprise to learn that the manner in which Galloway addressed the crowd was designed to appeal to the baser instincts of his overwhelmingly Muslim audience. I shall not pre-empt his words. Listen to them yourself and ask yourself the question: were the words employed by this man and the tone in which he deployed them designed to calm the crowd or to whip up an atmosphere of hatred against the non-Muslim population of the United Kingdom?

Whether Galloway is a closet Muslim convert or simply a deluded leftist (probably both) who thinks that he can channel religious ethno-communalism to his own advantage, I do not profess to know. However, he is most certainly no friend of the English people and their ancient liberties which have been placed under such a sustained assault in recent years. Might not Galloway’s words have had a role to play in the violence later perpetrated that evening by a large gang of Muslim youths (according to the BBC up to 300 strong) as they went on to attack the police and an innocent passer-by?

Galloway and his fellow speakers implied that Muslims were above the law and untouchable, and a significant number of hotheads who had heard these speeches appear to have believed them. George Galloway has chosen to wake and ride the Islamist tiger, and owing to the inflammatory nature of the language that he employed, I hold him responsible for any violence that ensues in the East End.


  1. I have followed Galloway's career for some time, and have no clue as to the motivations of this repulsive man, except for the usual ones of money and attention. Recently, some groups of Muslims have turned on him - his 'aid' (read: publicity) caravan to Gaza was stoned by Egyptians, and some Londoners (Shi'a rather than Sunni Muslims) have made it clear that they don't want him around. Ditto the voters in the last election.
    He'll be in the public eye as much as he can, for as long as he can. Now that he's not an MP, he will be worse than ever as he seeks to whip up volatile situations for his own benefit. His next attempt will be on a ship running the Gaza blockade in September; I hope by then the blockade will have eased, so that his opportunity to get his face on the news will have gone.

  2. Let's hope the Israelis decide to storm Gallowys aid convoy. If the put a "cap in his ass" it would be a huge boost to British Patriots. Galloway is another SICK TRAITOROUS SCOT !

  3. omfg!! what is happening in this country!!! shove it up your arse.

  4. It would be nice to know why the Metropolitan Constabulary are not looking into a charge of inciting violence, or even inciting religious hatred.

  5. Silly Kuffar, it would be amusing if Galloway was to be on the receiving end of some Israeli justice. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Anonymous 1, I hope that you're telling Galloway and the UAF where to shove it rather than the writer of this blog?

    Anonymous 2, it would seem that a possible case could be made against Galloway on the grounds you cite. He certainly wasn't attempting to calm the crowd was he? Who wants violence? Not me. I want our country to be safe and free once again.

  6. When Galloway wakes up and realizes what Islam is really all about and sees the lies and evil of HAMAS you won`t see him for dust!
    He is oblivious to the danger of Islam here and worldwide! He has been blinded to the truth by TAQQIYA, something militant muslims and terrorists are masters at!


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