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Thursday 10 June 2010

Geert Wilders addresses Jubilant Supporters

In the following address Geert Wilders is quite rightly in buoyant mood following the PVV's surge from fifth to third largest party in the Dutch Parliament, taking circa 15.5% of the vote compared to 5.9% in 2006. Most commentators had predicted that the PVV would win 18 seats, but the 24 secured today show that the party's message against Islamisation and mass immigration and for the Dutch people and European values resonated strongly with the electorate. Hopefully this will provide Wilders with at the very least a clear chance to communicate his message far more effectively to the public and possibly to enter a coalition government.

Following this strong result there is no reason to suppose that the PVV will not be capable of becoming the largest parliamentary party when the country next goes to the polls. Congratulations to Geert and all of his party members and supporters! Celebrate tonight, and prepare to help build a better future for the Netherlands. You have provided inspiration and hope for nationalists across Europe. 


  1. Free thinkers around the world should be heartened by this result.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Geert. The free world salutes you and your band of brothers.


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