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Saturday 26 June 2010

England: Islamisation steps up a Gear?

Looking at the events of the past fortnight it would seem that an argument could be made for us having reached a turning point with respect to the Islamisation process in England. I put aside the cases of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, for the demographic processes unfolding in these other constituent nations of the United Kingdom are somewhat distinct from those in England, insofar as they are not so far advanced. What England experiences today, the others will within the next decade if current policies are not reversed. The Muslim malady that is so keenly afflicting England thus seems less relevant and pressing elsewhere, where it can to a certain extent be ignored.

In urban England however, the process of Islamisation cannot be ignored, and even some of our smaller towns outside of those situated in the urban belts of Lancashire and Yorkshire where Muslim colonies are well established are now beginning to experience the first symptoms of this disease. Mosques are proliferating as the demographic composition of entire areas changes, and the world of work, particularly in the public sector, becomes increasingly unpleasant as demands for Islamic exceptionalism are articulated through compulsory ‘diversity training’. What the followers of Islam do not understand is this one simple fact: respect can only be earned, it cannot be demanded. Nonetheless, demand it they do.

The SWP, UAF, Hope Against Hate, mainstream politicians and the mass media all chant the same meaningless mantras: Islam is a religion of peace; we are one community; anyone who criticises Islam or claims that a process of Islamisation is underway and that this is not desirable is “racist”, “far-right” and “fascist”. Meaningless verbiage. Utterly vacuous accusations without foundation.

Is Islam a “religion of peace”? Decide for yourself. The history is there to read should you care to consult it; the Qur’an, the hadith and the sunnah are all freely available (not that I’d recommend ploughing through this turgid, tedious inhumane garbage); and there is a cacophony of Islamic voices to which you can listen. There is also the example of current affairs and recent history and Islam’s interaction with other religions, cultures and philosophical systems. To make its way in the world Islam would render the seas incarnadine sooner than ocean green.

My observation that we may be witnessing a turning point in the articulation of Islamism within England rests upon what appears to be a ramping up of Islamist efforts to forward their political agenda in the UK. On a purely propagandist front, the 'Inspired by Mohammed' campaign has been launched in an attempt to persuade non-Muslims that Islam is benign, whilst in the world of street politics there have been fresh developments. A new group, very much in the mould of Islam4UK – Muslims against the Crusades (MAC) – has sprung up, and not only has demonstrated against the Royal Anglian Regiment’s homecoming parade in Barking, but also against the One Law for All demonstration against sharia law in Whitehall less than a week later. On that second date, we also witnessed some members of the EDL turning up to protest against MAC, only for an exclusively Muslim contingent of the UAF to turn up from Tower Hamlets chanting “Allahu akbar!”

On Sunday 20 June we also saw George Galloway and assorted UAF members addressing an almost exclusively Muslim audience, circa 5,000 in number in Tower Hamlets, and appealing to explicitly Muslim sensitivities which gave rise once again to cries of “Allahu akbar!” and spawned both the splinter group that marched on Whitehall and the 300-strong crowd which ran amok in the East End that evening. Significant sections of the Muslim population in England are acquiring a dangerous collective psychology which combines a sense of moral superiority derived from their religious beliefs with a misplaced sense of victimhood, which is a theme constantly articulated by those of a politically correct multiculturalist disposition. Furthermore, their sense of collective belonging rests with the ummah, not with the fellow citizens of the nation where they reside. Many of them see us as the enemy, and they are increasingly telling us that this is what they think of us.

There needs to be a radical change in the thinking of our politicians and mass media which leads to a rejection of Muslim special pleading and says once and for all: your faith is not compatible with our society, either abandon it or leave. It is time for a peaceful parting of the ways, for otherwise I fear that Islamist radicals will launch a wave of attacks against we non-Muslims. They have come to view our land as their land, and the fact that MAC are now flying the black flag of Islamic jihad within our shores, shows that they view themselves as being in a state of war with us as a people and as a political unit. They have started the struggle to wrest control of our homeland from our grasp.

In the following compilation video there is footage additional to that already featured on this blog’s reports into the various demonstrations of the past couple of weeks. Importantly, at about four minutes into the video note the numbers of supporters with MAC for their second protest which was against the One Law for All demonstration. Their numbers were considerably larger than in Barking. It seems that the Trotskyists have been willing to try and harness Islamism for their own cause, but the latter has now taken on its own independent dynamic and instead of chanting “black and white unite” UAF members chant “Allahu akbar!” There could be no more vivid testimony to the reality of the process of Islamisation than this significant shift in rhetoric.

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