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Saturday, 5 February 2011

EDL Luton Demo: First Reports and Tommy Robinson’s support for David Cameron’s Speech on Multiculturalism

Initial reports coming in from the EDL demo in Luton today indicate that circa 2,000 police have been deployed to keep public order and prevent UAF protesters from clashing with the EDL. The Hope Not Hate campaign claimed that by midday around 1,000 EDL supporters had arrived, whereas the EDL itself is hoping to bring 10,000 protesters to the streets. It has also been claimed that some coachloads of EDL protestors have been turned back because the passengers were drunk. German, Dutch and Swedish Defence League flags have been spotted, highlighting the international links that the EDL has developed over the years.

Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate has written: 
EDL leader Stephen Lennon has said of Cameron's multicultural comments: "He's now saying what we're saying. He knows his base."

That just about sums up Cameron's ridiculous and badly timed intervention.
For all that Lowles says, although Cameron’s speech is billed as ‘rejecting multiculturalism’ in favour of a ‘muscular liberalism’, I can guarantee that this will be nothing more than an attempt to gain some favourable headlines in papers such as the Daily Mail and Telegraph. Given that press releases have referred to his wish to tackle ‘extremist ideologies’ (note the plural) I predict that subsequent policy will instead consist of a ‘muscular multiculturalism’ which will focus equally upon damning Islamism and British/English nationalism. You will recall Cameron’s injunction from a year or two ago for mainstream British society to learn from mainstream Muslim values. Witness also Sayeeda Warsi’s shrill prelude to the oncoming anti-nationalist witch-hunt with her admonition of members of the indigenous middle class for their so-called socially acceptable ‘Islamophobia’.

Cameron will focus as much upon attacking the EDL as he will upon Islamism. Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon) will thus be fooling himself if he thinks that ‘cast iron Dave’ will do anything to seriously tackle Islamisation in this country. For example, the Tories are already committed to overseeing an expansion in the network of faith schools and are now funding Muslim schools which will rear a generation of English-despising Muslims with a superiority complex coupled with the usual sense of Muslim resentment about the wider non-Islamic society within which they reside. This is the reality of Cameron’s ‘attack’ upon multiculturalism. Cameron’s seeming shift on this issue should be seen in the same light as his promise to hold a referendum on the EU and to limit mass immigration, both of which were worthless verbiage. The fact that Cameron chose to make his speech on the same day as the Luton demo suggests that he is attempting to undermine the base of support for the EDL. In that respect Tommy, Cameron indeed ‘knows his base’ (click here for a more in-depth consideration of Cameron's speech).

Press Reaction
Press reaction to the EDL’s Luton outing has been predictably hostile, using the usual panoply of National Union of Journalists (NUJ) pariah terms: the Daily Mail dubbed the EDL ‘far-right’, called its protest ‘inflammatory’ and dutifully and uncritically reported the UAF chant of ‘Nazi scum off our streets’ which made the paper complicit in this defamation of the movement. The Daily Mirror called it ‘far-right’, and even went so far as to regurgitate Labour MP Sadiq Khan’s ridiculous accusation that Cameron’s speech about multiculturalism was tantamount to 'writing propaganda for the EDL'. The Guardian predictably ran with an hysterical edition featuring numerous articles on the ‘far-right’ EDL, with its harridan Suzanne Moore describing the EDL as using the ‘language of fake inclusiveness’ and as being ‘the mirror image of Al-Mahajiroun’. She once again deployed that tired old canard linking economic bad times and the rise of the ‘far right’: ‘Far-right movements will, of course, thrive during a recession.’ Nick Lowles of ‘anti-fascist’ campaign group Hope Not Hate was also afforded the opportunity to write an opinion piece on the EDL. The movement must be doing something right to whip up this near-universal torrent of opprobrium.

Always remember that the tactics used by the mainstream media, politicians and leftist campaigns against patriotic movements and parties opposed to globalisation and Islamisation can be summarised by the following acronym: SID. This stands for stigmatise, isolate and destroy. Whenever you read reports about the EDL or patriotic parties here or across Europe, remember to read them taking this tactic into account. Robinson's speech to the EDL crowd in Luton's St George's Square can be viewed here:

EDL Protestors at Luton Station (courtesy of PI News)


  1. The EDL supporters must now put their money where their mouths are and vote accordingly: I believe UKIP is the only credible option. As the EU/4th Reich is responsible for this problem, they must be targeted. France and Germany pick and choose which laws they accept or reject: we must force this UK gov. out and get some UKIP MPs. No idea how long it will take, but we must get a start on!

  2. UKIP? Nope, not powerful enough as they are rumoured to be under the umbrella of the three headed monster aka Parliament

    Try the BNP instead.

    Annoyed Anonymous.

  3. British society was and still does not believe in the process of Multiculturalism. British schooling has been trying to force Muslim children to learn, speak, read and write English only so that they could become notoriously monolingual Brits. They have been vicitim of racism because British schooling is the home of institutional racism and native teachers are chicken racists. A Teacher Union once called Muslim schools as Osama bin Ladden Academies. Even Baroness Warsi claimed that prejudice against Muslims is widespread and socially acceptable.

    British PM has urged migrant Muslims to assimilate or in other words They must adopt British values of anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, drug addiction, teenage pregnancies and abortions, gun and knife culture and racism.

    Is there a real problem with the children of migrants NOT learning English? Or is this something from the Conservative Central Command Random Policy Generator.

    Highly skilled migrants from outside the EU are essential to British economy. I would have thought that 'highly skilled' meant they would have a reasonable command of the English language as do most EU workers. they have not come here to change their way of life they are here because their skills are badly needed for the economic prosperity of the British society.

    And the British who go to work in say Germany or other EU countries. How many have a good command of the language when they arrive. A few maybe but most will learn very little or none at all. It is difficult to criticise others when we are no better. They send their children to English medium schools instead of local schools.
    Thee is a difference between speaking/knowing English and English being the first language. So a Fenchman or an Italian will know English but may be speaking their language (mother tongue) at home. Their kids are unlikely to know English until they start going to school. Are these parents expected to teach their children 2 or more languages? I know the trouble getting them to speak and make logical sentences, let alone different languages. I wish people thought intelligently before they went about migrant bashing.

    I am wondering if David Cameron knows anything about language learning; it appears not. Children under the age of about 10 can very easily learn a new language quickly if immersed in it (as they would be by going to school). Many migrant children born in the UK didn't speak English until they went to school. It didn't affect their education/life chances; they all went to University and now have good jobs (oh and they're bilingual). In addition, a friend who has taught in East London schools told me that if parents don't speak English perfectly they should NOT speak English to their children as then the kids start school with bad English, which has to be unlearned. If a child can speak one language (whatever it is) correctly, then they can learn a second without a problem. It is beneficial if children learned their 'mother tongue' first before English. Who cares if English isn't a first language as long as it is spoken competently? Some migrants who have been in the UK a long time may well have a different language as their first language but actually speak English better.

    The whole world belongs to Muslims. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. He/she must be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time he/she must be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with his/her cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

  4. For goodness sake Iftikhar, what planet are you on? Of course they have to learn English. This is England and our medium of communication is English. I concur with you however that it is the height of ignorance for English speakers to settle in other countries and not learn the local languages. This is something that I roundly condemn.

    As for the drug addiction, gun and knife crime that you allude to, these are all alien to me and the English way of life that I was raised in. These are all imports. Moreover, as you well know most of the heroin in this country comes from Afghanistan and is trafficked by Pakistani Muslim drug gangs, the same people who sexually abuse our young English girls and enslave them in prostitution. This is a direct consequence of your Muslim attitudes and your approval of paedophilia as practised by your 'Prophet' (take my test and give me a straight answer: Knife and gun crime are not traditionally associated with the ethnic English population, and I'll think you'll find that these are predominantly imported phenomena which also involve many of your co-religionists such as Somalis, psychologically damaged by a protracted period of civil war.

    You are quite right: if English is not your first language, you have no right to be here. Please leave. I applaud multilingualism, but if you wish to appreciate the beauty of your Arabic and Urdu literature as your 'native' literature, then please live in your native land i.e. not England or anywhere in Europe. I have nothing against you pursuing your cultural pursuits, but you have no 'right' to demand that they be imposed here, just as I have no 'right' (thankfully) to demand that my language and culture be imposed upon your ancestral familial homeland. Savez?

  5. Juniper and 'Anonymous', take your pick of parties but make sure that they get us out of the EU. That is the first thing that needs to be done to help us manage the situation in which we find ourselves. However, we must also withdraw from various international conventions on human rights because they make a mockery of national sovereignty. Theoretically, virtually the whole of the population of China, Africa, most of the Middle East and goodness knows how many other countries could claim 'asylum' in the UK in line with their rulings, and according to the European Court of Human Rights we'd have to keep them. We'd be economically ruined and starved to death (in fact, we're heading well down the former road already, and with a burgeoning global population it's only a matter of time before the second statement comes true).

    UKIP seems to have proven itself ineffective in the EU Parliament and its leader Nigel Farage made conciliatory noises to Muslims over the Sandhurst mosque (thus I don't trust him), whereas the BNP has leadership 'issues' (basically, a failure of internal democracy and transparency leading to a recent party split which does not endear it to me). Both want out of the EU and an end to mass immigration, so vote for, campaign for, become members of either/or in order to achieve these ends. I'm tired of having no viable nationalist (not imperialist, not fascist, but national democratic) alternative to the ruinous parties of the status quo. It's high time that a truce was called between squabbling nationalist/patriotic parties in the UK so that candidates could be fielded on a straightforward platform consisting of: 1) leaving the EU; 2) stopping mass immigration; 3) drawing up a national constitution; 4) making the people of this country the highest sovereign authority; 5) placing national law above international law; 6) reversing the process of Islamisation through banning Muslim faith schools; halal slaughter; the import of halal products; Shariah law and specifically designated Shariah-compliant financial products; 7) the repeal of legislation favouring 'positive' discrimination.

    I think that all patriotic parties can agree on this limited but essential platform. Disputes over other areas of policy can be left until later, but if the seven aforementioned goals are not implemented soon, we will be finished.

  6. Durotrigan, I am not sure if you are aware of Iftikhar - but he is a tried and tested (or should I say 'prolific') mouthpiece who has flooded the internet with this stuff for the best part of 10 years.

    There is absolutely no point, whatsoever, in trying to argue with this man - he is absolutely on a one-track mission.

    He does not care the slightest bit for the chaos that is ensuing, and certainly will not have his attitude changed.

    The only thing I could probably congratulate him on, is that he's certainly a persistent little bugger that refuses to go away! He is certainly dedicated! lol

    "The whole world belongs to Muslims"? LOL. Some things never change do they?

    Give it up Iftikhar, we know what your game is. Go and copy and paste your Islamocentric nonsense elsewhere.

  7. UKIP are a feckless safety net party for disenchanted former Conservative supporters and are definitely not a viable option for concerned nationalists. The BNP are fading fast in my opinion, unable to gain ground in a climate that should be fertile for them, and completely out of touch with modern nationalism. They have made moves to modernise the party but it’s not enough as yet, and valuable time is being wasted. Despite this they are the best option available at the moment. The other parties are far too minor to consider. My concern is that if the BNP do gain some ground, as is a possibility in the upcoming Barnsley elections, they will once again sit back on their laurels and convince themselves they are doing everything right. They seem completely unable to maintain any kind of momentum.

    As for Iftikhar, I cant begin to tell you how sick I am of hearing smug generalisations about British culture thrown about by pious, racist fools who refuse to see any further than the end of their own nose. I agree 100% with Durotrigans response and would like to add that I speak 3 foreign languages and I’m currently learning a fourth. Which one would you like to be told to get lost in?

  8. Anonymous, thanks for the tip with respect to Iftikhar (the mischievous imp!). Ten years?! I do have a vague feeling that I've come across his moniker somewhere before, which is unsurprising given what you have written. I shall take your advice with respect to not exhausting myself in pointless exchanges with him.

  9. Juniper in the desert,
    It is not "France and Germany that pick and choose laws" it is our politicians, French, German, and British, against us, French (me), German, and British people (you). The French voted against the European treaty, so did the Dutch (and the Irish until they were persuaded to vote "better"). Our politicians act against us, the European people.

  10. RE: British ex -pats learning other languages. These ex-pats are, in the main, temporary workers - presumably they have sufficient language skills to get by for the duration. However, ex-pat workers do not have anything like the same degree of cultural -political influence upon these countries as muslim communities have in Britain and Western Europe who have the intention of permament settlement, and who are present in such growing numbers that they are in effect, colonisers who threaten to eventually supplant British indigenous peoples and culture. Ditto those Brits who retire to other countries, they are not - by virtue of the biological limitations of their age, if nothing else - prodigious colonisers as muslims are. No comparison, Iftikhar.

  11. A study by the University of Manchester has predicted that more than half of children in Birmingham Leicester will be from migrant communities. The study suggests one reason for the reduction of native families is movement out of Birmingham and Leicester to other areas of the West Midlands and the UK. They do not live in an area where migrants are in majority.

    There are 166 Muslim schools with Muslim children but not a single non-Muslim child. There are few Muslim schools with a lengthy waiting list. They are unable to accommodate Muslim children who would like to attend. I am sure even non-Muslim parents are not going to send their children to Muslim schools.

    Jack Straw is a prick. I doubt many people take much notice of him and his opinions. Ann Cyre spoke against Pakistani youths because they do not want to marry a British educated girl even a Muslim girl born and educated in state schools with monolingual non-Muslim teachers. They prefer to marry a girl from Paksitan. It is a human right to marry from anybody from anywhere. British Establishment is in violating of human right because migrants are not allowed to bring their partners for marriage if they do not know English language. They can learn English by living in this country.

    Im my view it is exploitation of vunerable children, but we see no problem with men going from here to Thialand, Cambodia and exploiting there innocent poor children...ARE THEIR CHILDREN ANY DIFFFERENT FROM OURS??? All these 'men' are ugly and slimey looking, are young ladies so desperate these days for company that they would entertain these scumbags as friends let alone boyfriends? What is wrong with our youth today?? Why are these 13-14 year olds even giving these men a chance by even speaking to these men and getting in there cars and going to clubs with them?

    Also I have seen pleanty of silly little drunk girls wondering around the streets on a weekend - no-one deserves to be raped but they sure don't help themselves by putting themselves in these positions in the first place. All children over 10 know they should not get into cars with strangers or accept drinks - if they do not then what are their parents teaching them?What are young girls doing wandering the streets in the night? Their parents or carers bear some responsibility for not teaching them some simple common sense lessons in life.

    Muslim youths are the product of western education which makes a man stupid, selfish and corrupt. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Culture and race is always a factor in a child's life. To deny the importance of race and culture is not only insulting to Muslim children, it also risks causing unnecessary confusion and distress. Cultural Identity is particuluraly significant for a child. Little attention is paid to the child' cultural background. There is a social and economic pressure on bilingual Muslim children that they must speak English, adopt British values and ditch their religious beliefs, to assimilate into this country rather than maintain their cultural traditions and historical ties. Speaking English does not promote integration into British society and broadens opportunities. The result of such a policy is that British schooling is guilty of producing Muslim youths who are angry, frustrated and extremist. Majority of them leave schools with low grades. The number of Muslim youths is on the increase in prisons. Anti-social behaviour and drug addiction is on the increase. They find themselves cut off from their cultural heritage and are unable to enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. Thanks to British schooling.

    Living togather requires quite simply, an acceptance of the others, of the way in which (the other) is dressed.

  12. Cygnus, I agree with you that UKIP are basically the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party that has hived off. Their economic policies are not up to the job, being based upon the disastrous 'free market' fundamentalist model, which would still entail a doctrine of globalist free trade. They are also very much a class-based party, and thus do not focus upon the wellbeing of the whole of the national community.

    As for the BNP, you pretty much know where I stand on that matter having written quite a bit about it previously. Many of its policies are good, but it has failed to reform. The breakaway dissidents in British Freedom have the right idea, but unfortunately I doubt that they have the numerical weight to get off the ground. Unless like you and I someone is a keen observer of this area of politics, they'd be hard pushed to know that this new party existed at all.

  13. Anonymous, you make some very good points with respect to British ex-pat temporary workers and retirees. Their role in the overseas societies in which they reside is certainly of a qualitatively different nature to that of the burgeoning settled colonies of incomers that we have in the UK.

  14. Iftikhar, I have let your comment through this one time, but you failed to answer the quiz for Muslim readers about their attitude to Mohammed and paedophilia. Answer that quiz honestly, and I'll let you comment. Here is the link again:

    If you do not take this quiz your comments will be deleted. Moreover, if you do not answer it in full then I shall have no other option but to draw the conclusion that you fully approve of paedophilia conducted by Muslim men. Do you understand?

    Lastly, neither I nor anyone I have ever met has approved of native Britons going to Thailand or anywhere else to have sex with underage girls. I think that the individuals who do such things are despicable.

  15. In case you weren't aware the former Northfield patriot blog is now the Birmingham nationalist blog. I've had an interesting discussion on the site regarding the relationship between the BNP and the EDL. As far as I'm concerned I will continue to vote BNP, if for no other reason than the fact that they are still nationalism's best chance for success in local elections. I am concerned that time is running out for our culture and our country.

  16. Thanks Cygnus. I'll take a look. I know that when I last visited a while back all the content seemed to have vanished. As for the EDL, well, it's not a political party. I am aware of course that other interests are attempting to use it for certain international matters that we really ought to stay out of (I've never had any desire to visit a part of the globe that's regarded as pivotal by a troika of troublesome monotheisms if you get my drift).

    Like you, if there should be a BNP candidate locally I'll vote for them, as I'll certainly not be voting for any of the mainstream parties. Having tracked down some bits and pieces about their candidate for the Barnsley by-election - Enis Dalton - she comes across as a genuine warm-hearted down-to-earth sort of person, whom I'm sure would appeal considerably to Barnsley voters if it weren't for the mandatory media onslaught. Barnsley's exactly the sort of place where it ought to make a breakthrough, but it didn't perform as well as I'd hoped at last year's General Election extrapolating from previous sets of local election results.

    As for time running out, I'm in agreement with you. It's looking grim. The pressures for mass immigration will only grow as the overpopulation in Asia and Africa continues to balloon, and although I've not yet read 'The Camp of the Saints', I'm afraid that what we are facing looks very much like the grim scenario sketched out in that novel. They have already established a beach-head which can only be expected to clamour vigorously for the admission of their co-ethnics and co-religionists.

    In the next week or so I will be posting a piece on nationalism generally, not focusing on the Islamic issue. The Islamic question is merely a symptom, albeit a highly acute one, of the problem of globalisation and our government by a self-serving clique which forms part of a transnational globalist oligarchy.

  17. I don`t understand why `Iftikhara` is living here in the UK if he thinks so little of our way of life. Surely he would be better in a muslim country!

  18. With respect to living in the UK, he and his family probably enjoy quite a few benefits (excuse the pun). I think that it would be better off for all concerned if Iftikhar were living in a Muslim country, just so long as it wasn't this one of course.

  19. London School of Islamics is an educational Trust. Its aim is to make British public, institutions and media aware of the needs and demands of the Muslim community in the field of education and possible solutions.

    I am an educationalist and not an Islamic scholar. There are many Islamic organisations and you better contact any one of them for honest answer of your quiz. They are in a better position to answer.

  20. Iftikhar, you have just posted another comment and your response is pathetic. It categorically demonstrates that YOU DO CONDONE MUSLIM MALE PAEDOPHILIA. Dear readers, Iftikhar apparently doesn't have a mind of his own and therefore cannot answer straight questions about paedophilia. Henceforth Iftikhar you are barred, as I will not provide a forum for apologists for paedophilia.

  21. Muslim Male Paedophilea? I find it highly insulting that you have undermined such a disgusting crime by referring to it as a common Musim practice without any base and clearly no understanding. I mean what exactly are you trying to say that paedaphilea is fine as long as it is not performed by Mulsims?
    The incident you are referring is the marriage of the Prophet (pbuh) to A'ishah (ra) which was done in consent of her father on divine instruction. This is not something I expect you to understand nor want to understand. This was a societal norm for the time and I think you'll find that the woman in question is actually our 3rd greatest scholar in terms of narrating hadith (sayings of the prophet(pbuh)) and sunnah (actions of the prophet (pbuh)). She is described as the mother of the believers and if you study her life (which I doubt you will for fear of being proven wrong) you'll find that she was happier than anyone to be married to the prophet. I think that you'll find this situation a little different to the taking advantage of a children and raping babies, which is what you are alluding to? And that in itself is a dangerous stance for this society.
    If you are referring to certain acts that have been committed by 'Muslim' members of the community, please do judge over 1 billion people by the actions of some idiots who clearly do not understand their faith nor have any regard for it. These are criminal issues not Islamic ones!

  22. Anonymous, I note that you didn't take the quiz and thus are unwilling to provide answers to the questions that it asks. I don’t see why anyone with a conscience and sense of morality would not be able, and indeed willing, to provide straight answers to them. Yes, this attitude of yours and Iftikhar's does indicate that paedophilia is central to doctrinaire Islam. What other explanation could there be? I did not state that it was 'a common Muslim practice', for those are your words, not mine. But as for your attitude, that is common, and it is this that gives cause for concern.

    What I do note is that you fail to condemn paedophilia and you condone it in your wretched false prophet (incidentally, I don't discriminate here as I don't believe in the concept of 'prophethood', whichever religion you care to refer to). Why won’t you take the quiz? Any idea why this self-professed anonymous Muslim won’t answer the questions readers? It’s very, very straightforward, and your evasiveness and threatening tone are most informative.

    So, it was 'a societal norm for the time' was it? That old get out clause. Given that Islamists wish to return society to those same times, one must draw the conclusion that they wish to reintroduce those self-same norms.

    Take the quiz or be barred from posting:

    Don't take it, and we'll know you for what you are: an apologist for paedophilia.

  23. I think you should put the quiz on your homepage, so to speak, and make it clear that any follower of the religion of peace is required to complete it before being allowed to respond to any articles. Should do the trick.

  24. Good suggestion Cygnus. I wonder if any of the slaves of Allah will actually answer it in full? Somehow, I have an inkling that it will elicit much ire and indignation, as well as evasion and dissimulation.

    Incidentally, how's your fourth language coming along? I'm impressed.

  25. I await the responses with baited breath. The language i'm learning is Japanese. Its going ok I think, been struggling with it off and on for 5 years or so. But there is a lot to learn so thats not surprising. Tried both Cantonese and Mandarin and was useless at them, but still wanted to try something completely alien to me. It was either that or russian. And I dont own any russian films lol.

  26. Japanese? E ne! Russkii - ochen' khoroshii iazyk, i ne tak trudno. I'm impressed by your chosen language of study. I don't know any Japanese other than a handful of words, but it's certainly very different and, largely thanks to kanji, very difficult. Keep at it!

  27. Doomo arigato, Durotrigan. You are right, the kanji, hiragana and katakana can make things tricky. Add to this romaji (the Roman alphabet used to write in Japanese) and its very easy to give yourself the language equivalent of an ice cream headache.

  28. Indeed Cygnus. Japanese does have a great many writing systems. Its tense structure (or should I say lack of one?) seems to be quite uncomplicated however. You've probably noted that one amusing trait amongst the Japanese is their polite reluctance to say 'no'.

  29. The politeness of their society is one thing I admire them for. But it can be amusing, I agree. Have you ever visited Japan?

  30. Unfortunately no, but I have met a few Japanese. Yourself? Their politeness is certainly something admirable. They could just do with relaxing somewhat more and enjoying the social and family side of life rather than placing such an unhealthy emphasis upon work before all else.

  31. Tommy Robinson and the EDL are in full support of multiculturalism he said so on the Jeremy Paxman interview!

    My vote goes to the BNP not Camerons allies UKIP!


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