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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

EDL Blackburn Demo Promo Video - 2 April 2011

As a child, the first mention I recall of Blackburn was in the Beatles song A Day in the Life. Whereas headlines at the time of its writing in 1967 prompted John Lennon to forever record the atrocious state of Blackburn’s roads, were he to have referenced the town in song today, I am afraid that he would have found that the headlines would provide rather more lurid subject matter. Alas, the state of contemporary Blackburn fits all too well with the melancholy air of the final track of Sgt. Pepper.

The EDL are planning to gather in Blackburn on Saturday 2 April to highlight the town’s unwelcome links with doctrinaire Islam. A number of videos have been produced in association with this demonstration, but the one below (please try to ignore the poor grammar and spelling and concentrate on the facts that it outlines) is certainly worth viewing, for it demonstrates how this northern town of just over 100,000 people has been blighted by the coming of Islam. It is said to possess the third highest proportion of Muslim residents in the UK (circa 25% of the population). From amongst these 25,000 have issued all of the crimes and ills enumerated in this short Youtube clip.

For all of David Cameron’s spurious talk about the need to ditch multiculturalism, the reality is that the Government is pushing ahead with an expansion in the network of state-funded faith schools, many of these – including Blackburn’s Tauheedul Islam Girls High School – being Muslim faith schools. His words are but subterfuge designed to deflect public attention from the ongoing entrenchment of multicultural norms and practices in British institutions, law and public consciousness, which are actively promoted by his administration.


  1. You're a racist. Full stop.

  2. Thank you for your 'meaningful' comment Anonymous. Please return to this site later in the week for a lesson in politico-linguistics and logic focusing specifically (you are lucky here!) upon the usage of the word 'racist' and its cognates.

  3. For 1400 years islam has produced nothing but death and destruction.
    Our government seem to be intent on turning non muslim UK citizens into Eloi

    Do they not realise that islam is not a religion but a cult of brainwashed beings whose only claim to fame is violence

  4. I would genuinely like to know what anonymous #1's definition of racist is. Please respond.

  5. Cygnus, I suspect that if anonymous #1 were to be regressed to the age of four or five, they might translate their comment into "You're a nasty man. I don't like you". Indeed, that's what their comment is saying now. It is utterly void of rational meaning, and despite its laconic style, reveals to the reader rather more about the character of the commenter, than about me.

  6. I was always pround to say i came from Blackburn, now I tend to say Knuzden. You only have to look at the mainly asian areas to see the horrid disgusting areas they are turning the town into. Look at the asian supermarket on bennington street. There are piles of rubbish and makeshift shelters. Isnt it funny how the council dont seem to say anything or fine them.

    Is it just me ? Or do any other's see this?

  7. Interesting observation 'Knuzden' resident. Mind you, it'd be better to refer to Muslim rather than Asian areas, as I wouldn't want people to get the idea that Chinese or Japanese are responsible for this mess.


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