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Monday, 28 February 2011

Rajib Karim: the BBC’s ‘Geordie’ Terrorist (don’t mention Islam!)

It’s been almost a year since I posted on the arrest of Rajib Karim, and today I learn from the BBC website that finally he has been found guilty of plotting to blow up an airliner. From reading the initial BBC report last March, a casual reader could have been mistaken for thinking that Karim was a Geordie owing to the misleading language that it employed. The report opened as follows:
A Tyneside man has been charged with a series of terror offences, police in London have said.

Rajib Karim, aged 30 and of Newcastle, has been accused of committing three offences under the Terrorism Act.
Naturally, it omitted any possible link to Islam, for the ‘dhimwits’ at the BBC had screened out such nasty ‘doubleplusbad’ thoughts. Today however, even the BBC had to come clean and reveal the following:

Karim was committed to an "extreme jihadist cause" and determined to become a martyr, jurors were told.

The Bangladeshi national, who moved with his wife and son to Newcastle in 2006, had already admitted being involved in the production of a terrorist group's video.

Karim, a privately-educated IT expert from Dhaka, became a supporter of the extremist organisation Jammat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) after being influenced by his younger brother Tehzeeb, the court heard.

He was described as a "mild-mannered, well-educated and respectful" man who hid his hatred for Western ways from colleagues by joining a gym, playing football and never airing extreme views.
Well, how grateful we all are to have been enriched by his presence. So, this ‘Tyneside man’ was a Bangladeshi national who’d only been resident in the UK since 2006? Well, that’s enough for the BBC to class him as a purebred British indigene, is it not? He’s so Geordie that he’s lucky that ‘Auntie’ didn’t take to calling him a British ‘far-right’ extremist in its reporting. The BBC loves to promote open borders.

And what about that idiotic BBC meme that the roots of jihadism lie in a lack of education, ‘social exclusion’ and poverty? Yes, ‘a privately-educated IT expert’ with a good job with BA really is hard done by isn’t he? We have millions of our own people unemployed, many of them with computing qualifications and experience, and yet BA privilege this wretched ingrate with no links whatsoever to this country. Our three main political parties are of course equally culpable in encouraging and facilitating this type of immigration (as well as all the others). What marvellous benefits this policy brings!

Well, we won’t be hearing any jokes being cracked about Karim or any of his Islamist pals on Radio 4’s ‘Now Show’ will we? It’ll be wisecracking all the way about ‘knuckle-dragging’ (don’t they just adore that term?) EDL supporters, or snorting derision directed towards ‘Islamophobic’ (sic) ‘Daily Mail readers’.

If you happen to work with any “mild mannered, well-educated and respectful” Muslim colleagues, watch your back (especially if they’re ‘Geordies’).

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