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Friday, 18 February 2011

Emmetts Solicitors: Enablers of Sharia in the UK

The Lancashire based firm Emmetts Solicitors evidently thinks that there is money to be made from promoting Sharia in the UK, hence its launch of what it bills as its ‘New Joint UK Civil and Sharia Family Law Service.’ Well readers, it is up to us to prove that rather than being a money-spinner, Sharia compliance will lose this firm our business. Any firm of solicitors that enables Sharia in our country should be boycotted. Do you want to ask why Emmetts Solicitors think that it is such as good idea to promote Sharia in the UK? Why not email them at

If you live in Lancashire and have formerly done business with, or are thinking of doing business with Emmetts Solicitors, it’s time for you to take your business elsewhere. This firm does not deserve to make a penny until it drops its Islamo-servile business model. What would the EDL make of this I wonder?

How about this as a new slogan for Emmetts: ‘Want to do business with a firm that is willing to treat women as second-class citizens? If so, Emmetts Solicitors is for you! After all, it takes the testimony of two women under Sharia to match that of one man.’

Maryam Namazie of the One Law for All Campaign has responded angrily to the news of Emmetts’s new business venture. She told that National Secular Society:
It is scandalous that lawyers meant to defend rights are now set on violating them by recognising and pandering to sharia law decisions on women.

Under Sharia, a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man's, men can unilaterally divorce by uttering a certain phrase thrice whilst it is often difficult for women to secure divorces. Marital rape is not considered a crime and violence against a disobedient wife a husband's prerogative. With regard to child custody – under UK civil law, the welfare of the child is paramount, whilst under sharia child custody goes to the father at a preset age irrespective of the child's welfare. Sharia law and UK civil law (however imperfect) are antithetical to each other so how can both be applied? In an ideal world, lawyers applying Sharia law would be disbarred. After all, the same would happen to doctors who hurt rather than helped their patients.
So readers, if Emmetts wish to transform themselves into a Muslim-only business, then they have made a very wise decision in embracing and enabling Sharia. Anyway, do watch its promotional video with its sub-trip hop cool ambient backing track, and visit the Emmetts Solicitors website. Seventh-century misogyny has never been so 'cool'! The law must remain secular. We must not allow Sharia to creep any further. Say no to Sharia. Say no to business with Emmetts.


  1. Scheming, grasping, immoral, self serving solicitors? Surely not.

  2. Solicitors: always upstanding models of probity Cygnus. Then again, for those of us who've not fallen on our heads, the self-justificatory smug sanctimony of the solicitor might appear to be somewhat incongruous.

  3. Does the average person in the street even understand what Sharia law is and how it fits in with the mainstream law's of the nation? Maybe its about time people were educated. This is being done by stealth. I resent that.

  4. Unfortunately, I don't think that the average person is that bothered unless they happen to live in one of our particularly 'enriched' areas. You are right in noting that this is being done by stealth though. It is highly insidious.

    The valueless nature of Cameron's rhetoric about the need to ditch state multiculturalism is underscored by the fact that Sharia is being permitted to take root in the UK. This demonstrates that his speech was mere verbiage, designed to generate favourable headlines for the traditional and alienated patriotic Tory contingent. He'll do nothing to outlaw Sharia.

  5. There may well be a financial drawback, I hope. Solicitors like to put their legal fund deposits to work, making interest in the bank or wherever. Are the mozlems going to go all sharia and demand that no money of theirs is going to make the very un-sharia interest??

  6. Good point Juniper. However, I suspect that they may well overlook such ideological discrepancies until the principle of Sharia has become routinely embedded within the business of most mainstream solicitors. The amount of young Muslim women who wish to study Law is truly alarming. In ten to fifteen years time, the profession could be seriously corrupted by this influx of hostile Islamic sophists.


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