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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Thilo Sarrazin targeted by UAF Protest Mob

Perhaps I am living in a parallel universe, but I had always understood that fascists opposed freedom of speech and expression and enforced their totalitarian worldview through thuggish street mobilisation to silence those with whom they disagreed. It thus seems paradoxical that an outfit by the name of ‘Unite Against Fascism’ (UAF) routinely employs precisely these tactics in order to shut down debate. Their net is cast very wide in their manufactured struggle against a non-existent ‘fascist threat’, and in the mould of their ideological forebears - Stalin, Trotsky, Mao and Lenin – they see nothing wrong in creating 'fascists' where none exist, so that they can, in their own crude parlance, be ‘smashed’. Thilo Sarrazin is but their latest target. Thankfully, so far as I am aware, he has yet to be ‘smashed’.

The cause of this latest paroxysm of outrage on the part of UAF was Sarrazin’s invitation to speak at the London School of Economics (LSE) by its student German Society. Sarrazin, a senior member of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) and former executive member of the Bundesbank, caused a furore in Germany last summer through the publication of his book ‘Germany Abolishes Itself’. In this he correctly took aim at German state multiculturalism and diagnosed this as the source of many of Germany’s contemporary social ills, but it was his singling out of Islam and the large Muslim population of Germany and other European societies as being particularly problematic, that caused colleagues and foes alike to turn upon him.

Any native European who knows of Thilo Sarrazin’s ideas and is not infected with the bacillus of national and ethnic self-loathing, knows him to be a brave and principled politician who has spoken out on behalf not only of the German people, but of all European peoples and their right to preserve their national freedoms and identities. He is one of the few senior heavyweight political figures from a mainstream political party, to have spoken out against the threat to the well-being of our societies posed by multiculturalism and the Islamisation that this policy has encouraged. Such an acknowledgement of truth however, was sufficient for a coalition of mainstream politicians and mass media to viciously turn upon Sarrazin. Suddenly, for speaking the truth, he became a member of the phantom ‘far-right’. Apparently, any native European who thinks about social and political issues in a rational vein rather than in the prescribed politically correct categories is open to being dubbed ‘far-right’. We rationalist Europeans – Geert Wilders being another notable example – are all ‘far-right’ now.

So, back to the totalitarians of UAF and their shrill denunciations not only of Sarrazin’s right to speak, but even to set foot in the United Kingdom. What have they managed to do to better our society this week? As one would expect: nothing. Sadly, according to the Jerusalem Post, the screaming Trotskyites managed to force the LSE into cancelling Sarrazin’s address, with the University limply claiming that it did not have sufficient security to ensure the safety of the speakers. If this was the case, where were the police? Why were they not on hand to defend Sarrazin? If David Cameron’s speech about the need to ditch state multiculturalism meant anything other than generating headlines designed to pacify traditional Tories and other patriotic Britons, the policing would have been provided, and the UAF mob kept at bay. The fact that it did not demonstrates that institutional racism now infects our police forces and public sector from the very top to the very bottom: anti-indigenous and anti-white racism.

The Times Higher Education Supplement also reveals that a coalition of ‘right-thinking’ (as I am sure they would like to describe themselves) academics and students had also tried to prevent the “Integration Debate: Europe’s Future – ‘Decline of the West’?” from taking place on campus by writing a denunciatory letter stating:
The stigmatization of certain social groups by Mr Sarrazin threatens social harmony and social cohesion…Both warn of an allegedly looming Islamization of Europe and thereby join a group of Islamophobic publicists and politicians across the continent.
This type of approach is straight out of the Maoist little red textbook, and the fact that so-called academics would even dream of smothering not only free speech, but discussion of a vitally important and real problem that affects our societies today, illustrates just how overly politicised our higher education system has become. It is infested with those who peddle constant hatred of European culture, values, civilisation and, most importantly of all, native European peoples. They then attempt to instil this self-hatred into our young people, and to a large degree I am afraid to say, they are succeeding.

Thilo Sarrazin may not have been permitted to speak at the LSE, but he shall always find a welcome platform on these pages. He speaks on our behalf against totalitarianism, and for that reason if for no other, he deserves to be listened to. For those of you who have not watched the following subtitled video, I urge you to do so.


  1. When mentioning Cameron and the UAF in the same breath we must always keep in mind that our PM remaims a sponsor of this marxist street fighting mob - yet somehow "I'm not multi-cultural anymore" Dave can square all this up!

    I complained to Sky-News about them referring to the EDL as 'right-wing extremists' and,also, about their tacit support for the UAF by referring to what should be more accurately and neutrally called by their commentators as being 'anti-EDL protestors' rather than 'anti-fascist' protestors' - thus inferring that the EDL are fascist. This same bias/misleadind reporting is just as common on BBC and ITN news. I pointed out that the EDL was a one issue protest group and as such could not be regarded as being in any meaningful sense 'right-wing' given that opposition to islamification existed across the political spectrum and, therefore, could not be considered as being de facto right-wing.
    Having watched the BBC's 'This World' programme on Geert Wilders tonight it was apparent that the programme makers wanted us to side with UAF and the allegedly 'moderate' muslims. Opposition to islam was called 'agressive' by the presenter yet the editors did not refer to Islam critically in any way.

  2. Free speech is our fire alarm. Extinguish it and the house will burn down.
    Is Europe burning?

  3. Anonymous 1, you do well to remind people that Cameron remains a sponsor of UAF. It's a strange situation that we find ourselves in when a Conservative Prime Minister allies himself with Trotskyites. Do you think that he realises who controls UAF and what its agenda is?

    Well done on complaining to Sky! Your well-aimed complaint is appreciated. You make a very good point about broadcasters (the BBC in particular) referring to UAF as 'anti-fascists' and thereby implying that whoever they happen to demonstrate against is thereby a 'fascist'.

    Thanks for the tip re the Geert Wilders interview. I'll see if I can track it down.

  4. Cameron sponsored UAF in a sad and desperate attempt to appear cool and appeal to voters who otherwise wouldn't entertain him. I find it amusing to see Call Me Dave's name alongside such luminaries as Ken Livingstone and Diane Abbott. I'm certain he knows exactly what UAF stand for and simply doesn't care, he got out of it what he wanted. I'm also certain that at some point, probably in the near future when he thinks there is most to be gained from it, he'll denounce them for what they are. More faces than the town hall clock, as my wise old mum used to say.

  5. I'm sure that you're right Cygnus. That's a wonderful saying of your mum's by the way. I'll remember that for future use!


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