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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Imam Mohammed Hanif Khan sentenced for Paedophilia and Rape

This looks like a sorry companion piece to the many stories of child abuse by Catholic priests that have come to light in recent years. According to a Press Association report, an imam from Stoke-on-Trent named Mohammed Hanif Khan has been found guilty of 'two counts of rape' and 'sexual activity with a child'. These cases of abuse were said to have taken place whilst he was an imam in Stoke in 2009. No verdict was reached on five further cases.

Scandalously, Khan sought to defend himself, one report stating that:
he had a close relationship with the youngsters because he tried to help them with their unruly behaviour, adding that he would often be more lenient on the boys if they were late or did not turn up for classes at the mosque because he was aware that they had issues at home.
Whatever these 'issues' were, they surely pale in comparison to what Khan inflicted upon them. Khan, who had received training as an imam in a range of countries including Pakistan, Egypt, India, Syria and Cyprus, is reported to have remained dispassionate as the verdict was passed.

Just a thought, but might not Lord Ahmed come up with some spurious justification in defence of Khan as he has done on behalf of Muslim paedophiles grooming and systematically abusing English girls as reported recently?


  1. Training in the Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus, in paedophilia and hatred. and these abominations are allowed to teach children in this country!

  2. Oh yes. Well, it was in a mosque, so I wouldn't expect anything good to be going on behind its doors.

  3. Durotrigan said...
    Oh yes. Well, it was in a mosque, so I wouldn't expect anything good to be going on behind its doors.

    1 February 2011 22:09

    Why dont you expect?

    Oh wait! Dont tell me you think mosques are training grounds for terrorists? I guess you would answer that with a big YES! You my friend are a BORG and have been assimilated by brotherhood of the freemasons.

  4. Hello afyzilla. Please take the quiz for Muslims and answer in full:

    No further comments will be permitted until you have answered all questions. I shall take your failure to answer this short questionnaire in full as tacitly indicating that you condone paedophilia conducted by Muslim males. Please read the questionnaire and you will understand.


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