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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Camp of the Saints Nightmare Scenario Looms Closer

As suggested in the recent post on Lampedusa, the 6,000 Tunisian illegal immigrants who appeared on its shores in a matter of days, appear to have been but the harbingers of a mass human wave that will surge out of North Africa and the Middle East and into Europe. Into our already rapidly fracturing European societies this will inject a vigorous and aggressive Islamising impulse, and embolden the incomers’ established co-religionists to become more strident (in the language of our governments and special interest lobby groups -‘assertive’) in demanding privileges within their host states.

Just as in the Camp of the Saints, an appeal is being made to our better natures; to our compassion for our fellow human beings, in the face of the bloody tyranny of Gaddafi. Some 1,000 Libyans we are told, have lost their lives in recent days thanks to Gaddafi’s brutality. Already, 22,000 have fled Libya for Tunisia, and a further 15,000 for Egypt. Now, United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon has waded in to instruct the European nations ‘to keep their borders open to people fleeing Libya.’ If our borders are opened, those that come are highly unlikely to ever return to Libya. They will instead stay, and then demand that their immediate and then extended families are brought here to live in perpetuity with full citizenship rights. And we shall have to pay for them; accommodate them; acquiesce to their ‘cultural sensitivities’, and put up with an ever-increasing demand for Sharia compliance.

Instead of admitting an influx of Libyans, Libya’s neighbouring nations should consider enforcing a no-fly zone over the country. We however, should not be involved in such intervention. Humanitarian assistance in the form of food, tents and medical supplies should be supplied to those areas of Libya which have already sloughed off Gaddafi’s rule, but Libyans should not be admitted into European nations. We have no holding facilities, and our legal and immigration systems are set up in such a way as to make it exceptionally difficult to enforce automatic deportation of incomers once the situation in their countries of origin has stabilised.

Admitting Libyans and Tunisians as ‘refugees’ will simply lead in the medium term to a mass permanent influx of Algerians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Bahrainis, Jordanians, Syrians, etc into Europe which will deal a devastating blow to the freedoms and way of life of European peoples in our own countries. We will be barraged in the days, weeks and months ahead by propaganda in the mainstream media – particularly in the BBC – aimed at undermining our national sovereignties and admitting these outsiders. If this is permitted, this will inflict irreparable damage upon our societies, unless that is, the indigenous peoples of Europe react to show that they will not tolerate these people in their midst. Why should we surrender our lands, our liberties and our way of life to this de facto hostile colonisation?

Ban Ki-moon addresses the UN on the Situation in Libya


  1. The EU has already offered 258m euros in aid to North Africa as a result of the unrest but this wasn't enough for one Tunisian minister who said it should be billions, not millions.

    If I were a freedom-loving Libyan/Tunisian/Algerian etc, delighted at the progress being made to overthrow tyrants in the region, I'd stay and contribute to the cause - not hotfoot it to another country while leaving my wife and children behind.

    The EU also seems to be in the process of re-branding North Africa in our psyches - try 'Southern Mediterranean' for size.

  2. It comes as no surprise that ingrates such as the Tunisian minister you mention should kick up a fuss and demand ever more money from us. In the Muslim world we are cursed when we intervene, and cursed when we do not. We are pilloried for seeking undue influence over their governments when we provide aid, and simultaneously subject to howls of anger if no aid is provided.

    As you rightly note, if these revolutions truly are creating 'free' societies (free to submit to the bondage of Sharia most likely), then why are people fleeing? The reality is that they are opportunistic economic migrants, and should thus be compelled to stay in their states. We owe them nothing. Our governments and the ‘international community’ (i.e. the international oligarchy) will press for the admission of these people into European countries whatever happens. They won’t however, suggest that they go to sub-Saharan Africa, or to Asia or South America to ‘enrich’ the peoples who dwell there. This special ‘treat’ is reserved for we Europeans alone.

    If the EU judges the new regimes of North Africa and the Middle East to be ‘democracies’ of some stripe, then ready yourself for relentless lobbying for their accession to the EU.

    Yes, you are right: there are many within the EU oligarchy and our political class who are trying to re-brand theses states as ‘Southern Mediterranean’. Watch out for a shortly forthcoming post on this blog relating to a new European Research Council funded project named Oecumene, which is being hosted by the Open University and led by a team promoting the open borders movement. It aims to undermine (naturally, ‘challenge’ in their euphemistic language) our Western notions of citizenship, freedom and democracy. It focuses in particular upon the Muslim world and glorifies its festering rookeries that have sprung up around Europe. This project stinks to high heaven, and we taxpayers are having to fund it.

  3. Why doesn't that corrupt scumbag Moon open up his own home to them?

  4. The Catholic church Hq in Rome should be supporting the mass of immigrants since they promote open borders and taking in everyone that flees their country. They should pay all expenses, not the tax payers. Europeans are spineless losers for allowing this.


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