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Saturday 5 February 2011

Sky News Interview with Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon) of the EDL

Following his interview with Jeremy Paxman on Wednesday evening in advance of today’s EDL demonstration in Luton, Tommy Robinson yesterday put up a good performance against a smug grinning Sky News presenter named Adam Boulton. In this he drew attention to a number of death threats against him and his family which have been made by Muslim militants and the fact that he and some other leading members of the EDL such as Guramit Singh have to live with 24-hour police protection. Despite clearly outlining the threats to his personal safety and his reading out a police message advising him to keep out of Luton today because of further threats to his life, Boulton kept asking him why he thought it necessary to assume a pseudonym and to have worn a balaclava at the first EDL demonstration. Might not the communication at the beginning of the interview have rendered such questions superfluous Mr Boulton? A video of the interview is posted below:

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  1. Why doesn`t Adam Boulton shut up so the man can speak and explain his corner!


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