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Friday, 25 February 2011

Explosion in North Leeds

A large explosion involving a lorry is said to have taken place in the Moortown district of north Leeds at the junction of King Lane and Nursery Lane. The details, provided by BBC Yorkshire’s Look North news programme this evening, were scant, but subsequent Tweets from locals suggest that a number of roads in the area have now been closed off and the lorry has remained on fire. There is no news as yet with respect to whether or not anyone has been harmed in the incident, but given that it took place in a residential area, it would seem that casualties are unfortunately likely.

Earlier in the week, another explosion hit the Pudsey district of Leeds, when a parked car was mysteriously blown up. According to the news report at Armley today, police believe fireworks may have been involved.

UPDATE: The BBC's latest report, claims that it was not a lorry, but a van that exploded in a residential area of Alwoodly. Thankfully, there are still no reports of casualties resulting from the incident which is believed to have occurred around 18:05 this evening.

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