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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bloc Identitaire Anti-halal Protest at Villeurbanne (Lyon) KFC

We have seen KFC trial halal menus in a number of its outlets across the UK, and the situation with respect to the creeping Islamisation of the company's menu is just as evident in France. However, it would seem that at least in some instances branches of KFC on the other side of the Channel are not telling their customers that they are serving only halal meat. It is one such example of this practice which yesterday led members of Bloc Identitaire to mount a protest in front of a branch of KFC in the Villeurbanne district of Lyon. This action was prompted by the decision of this branch of the fast-food chain to sell only halal meat to its clients, whilst not mentioning this in any of its publicity or onsite informational literature.

A group of thirty Bloc Identitaire activists, some wearing pig masks and carrying placards, descended upon KFV Villeurbanne to voice their opposition to this branch’s unannounced halal-only policy, and to listen to a speech in which it was declared that non-Muslim customers were in effect being compelled to pay ‘a religious tax’. Quite rightly, Bloc Identitaire have described the actions of this branch of KFC as ‘a scandal’.

As outlined in a recent article concerning illegal Muslim prayers upon the streets of Nice, Bloc Identitaire activists are taking action to highlight and oppose Islamisation across France (the most visible sign of the rot caused to French society by the imposition of multiculturalism by the country’s political leaders). As defenders of France’s local indigenous cultural diversity, the members and supporters of Bloc Identitaire must be congratulated upon making a stand to preserve those characteristics of the French way of life that make their country unique, and such a wonderful place to visit.


  1. Where i live in south east London, it is getting harder to find non halal meat. Virtually all the fast food joints use halal. I now buy my meat from the one remaining non halal (English owned) butcher left in Camberwell. Mostly i eat pork, (just to be sure, no halal slaughterman would want to sully his knife) and fish. I hear that Morrisons does not sell halal, but i've yet to be convinced about that. The way things are going i may yet become a veggie!

  2. EDL Buck, you're definitely doing the right things to avoid inadvertently consuming halal meat. It's sad to hear that there's only one proper butcher left in Camberwell. Like you, I've heard from other people that Morrisons doesn't stock halal meat, but just to be safe, I stick with meat from my local butcher which most definitely is not halal. Failing that, as you note, anything derived from the pig will always be a safe bet.

    What do you do if you are in a group that goes out for a curry? If I find myself in such a situation, I choose fish or take the veggie option.

  3. Certain Morrisons stores carry halal products but the company states that these are clearely labeled and are offered only as an alternative. As for curry houses I simply refuse to put any money into the pockets of a business that supports a barbaric practise. Makes me popular on a night out...

  4. Well, although it's sad to learn that Morrisons stocks halal products, at least the supermarket has the decency to allow us to buy non-halal. Your approach to curry houses is the best one Cygnus, and if I am the one choosing where to eat, we don't go for a curry. If there is some debate over where to go, once again, I always try and steer people into choosing some other type of restaurant.


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