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Saturday 5 February 2011

Tommy Robinson Addresses EDL in Luton’s St George’s Square

In the first of these videos Tommy Robinson addresses EDL protesters in Luton’s packed St George’s Square. The second shows EDL supporters under police escort making their way to the town centre. The crowd appears well behaved and orderly. Finally, the third video features Robinson speaking to an ITN news crew and stating that he too regrets the cost of today’s police operation, but points out that the EDL has to make a stand because our politicians have not been addressing the issues with which the EDL is concerned. Strange, is it not, that the cost of policing EDL demonstrations is always brought up by the media which passes over the fact that much of this cost is engendered by attempting to contain aggressive and often violent UAF counter-demonstrators. It’s been a very busy week for Robinson and media attention for the EDL has never been higher, testimony to the resonance of its message with the general public.


  1. great post . Keep shining the Light

  2. This is a worry

  3. Thanks for the link Shirl. Well done for putting them straight!

  4. Interesting to see the RAF (?RCAF) flag flying in video one.


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