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Saturday 3 September 2011

Video: Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon addresses EDL Tower Hamlets Demo

The first of the following videos shows Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson) emerging from his bizarre disguise as a rabbi to address today's EDL supporters at the Tower Hamlets demo. A report on the Inspector Gadget blog suggested that he was arrested for breaking his conditions of bail, whilst one comment beneath the said article claimed that he managed to evade detention and escaped into the crowd. The second video shows a large group of EDL supporters stuck at King's Cross owing to obstructive action by members of the RMT union which used the pretext of 'health and safety' legislation to prevent them from using the underground station to travel to Tower Hamlets for the demo. The station was reopened some 20 minutes or so after the demo had started.


  1. He's either deliberately trying to act the martyr, in which case fair enough, or he's an idiot. The fact there is footage of him speaking there all over the internet surely means that he will no doubt be punished, whether he evaded capture or not.

    But good for the EDL for holding a static demo. This is our country and we should be allowed to assemble where we choose.

  2. Fair comment UBN. We'll have to see whether this was a deliberate tactic or a gauche gaffe.

    Strangely, when I tried to relink to the original post at Inspector Gadget, his article appears to have been deleted. Might he have been given a nudge by his 'superiors' to remove it?

  3. He's no fool. His speech was one of someone aiming to become a martyr. I'm not sure how wise it was or how much use he can be to the organisation from prison. We will have to see.He's no fool. His speech was one of someone aiming to become a martyr. I'm not sure how wise it was or how much use he can be to the organisation from prison. We will have to see.

  4. I think you're probably right Cygnus. However, as you note, if he does end up in prison I'm not sure what kind of impact that will have upon the movement. He's unlikely to get sympathetic press coverage, although strangely enough 'Spiked' (the online successor to the RCP's 'Living Marxism' magazine) could well be one of the few to protest against his incarceration.

  5. There are many things wrong in Britain today. Chief among them is that politicians no longer reflect the views of the people on what are perceived as existential issues - immigration, and EU membership. At the same time, people in authority are engaged in looting the public purse, which makes the looters in the recent riots appear small fry. (See EU Referendum)

    Yet our politicians expect ordinary people to be law abiding, and obey the authority’s prohibition of even a peaceful demonstration, on the grounds that it will provoke violence and public disorder.

    What has happened is that politicians have lost the trust of the people. Once that happens, no instruction or law can stop them from exercising what was once a fundamental right of the people - the right to peaceful assembly.

  6. True DP111. Ethnomasochism lies at the root of all of these problems, and it is quite astonishing how the Trotskyist Left have managed to ally themselves with oligarchical transnational capitalism to undercut the living standards of working class people across the nations of Western and Northern Europe. Communists know how to destroy, but not how to create.

    Islamisation is but the most painful and overt symbol of our colonisation by the Afro-Asiatic peoples, but it is the process that will hopefully rouse the peoples of Europe from their slumber. I detect signs of awakening. Stephen Lennon has been arrested I see. Where will such an act lead us?

  7. Stephen Lennon needs to conducts himself with dignity. If he uses this "opportunity" to turn the EDL from a street protest organisation against Islam, to a full blooded defence of the freedoms and traditions of Britain, he will make the EDL become truly what its name stands for -The English Defence League.

    Then follow the tried and tested path of setting up a party but retaining a street presence.


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