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Saturday 3 September 2011

First Video from Today’s UAF/EDL Tower Hamlets Demos

Here is what seems to be the first Youtube video to emerge relating to today’s EDL protest, although alas it is of the SWP-led anti-EDL pro-Islamisation demonstration (more videos showing Tommy Robinson at Aldgate and EDL supporters at King's Cross can be viewed here). Note the preponderance of ethno-masochistic enablers of Islamisation amongst the UAF crowd. It is very sad to see any Englishman or woman led astray by the ideological error of Trotskyism and sundry other species of Marxism. If I were a Christian I might be tempted to say, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. However, as I am not, I won’t. Also take a good look at the posters that they carry, unwarrantedly attempting to bracket Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson with the mass murderer Anders Breivik. Watch and cringe.

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