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Friday 9 September 2011

German Law Professor: “The problem is with the Muslims”

It would seem that Russia Today now provides far more objective news about EU countries than the mainstream media outlets based in those countries themselves. The following is a fascinating interview with Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, Professor of Law at Erlangen-Nurnberg University, in which he outlines his reasons for believing that the concept of a European superstate was doomed to failure from the outset. His most interesting and indeed ‘contentious' comments come at 4 minutes and 1 second into the interview, in which he talks about the failure of multiculturalism in European societies, with specific and direct reference to Islam as being a hostile and unassimilable system of belief.

Following German politician Thilo Sarrazin’s groundbreaking honesty about Islam and multiculturalism in contemporary Germany, it is heartening news to see another German of high social standing make the same points. In England however, it remains impossible to voice such views without having your career destroyed. Are we beginning to witness a gradual awakening on the part of some mainstream figures in European nations with respect to the real ideological and demographic threat of Islamisation? If so, when will they call for practical action to remove this problem?

A transcript of the latter part of the interview taken from the Russia Today website is reproduced after the interview. 

RT: Multiculturalism has failed, say European leaders. But what are the actual consequences of that failure?
KAS: If by multiculturalism you mean people from southern Europe, Germany, northern Europe, Hungary, Poland, Russia, all European nations, living together, then no, it has not failed. There is no problem at all.
The problem is with the Muslims. It’s not the people who constitute the problem, but Islam. And Islam comes with Muslim people. They build active groups that promote Islam and advocate the establishment of Sharia law. And Sharia law, particular its criminal section, is absolutely impossible for European relationships. We have religious pluralism in Europe and not a single religion is dominant. But Islam is the religion that tolerates another religion as long as it has no power. 
Secularization was the biggest political event for Europe. It meant thatstate and church were divided and no one is entitled to impose its religion. Iam determined against any tolerance of Sharia law. But it has nothing to dowith tolerating Muslim people.


  1. When the BBC interviews people on the street on a "sensitive issue" they only show those who are shocked, horrified, disgusted etc.

    When Russian media are on the same street asking for the same random opinions, their media shows people that say they are indifferent, couldn't care less, not bothered ....

    We get both BBC and Russian TV. Its quite funny the Russian media is being honest while the BBC is lying.

    1. It's rather funny in a sad sort of way that whereas the Russians under Communism relied upon outside broadcasts to reveal the truth about what was going on in their country the roles now seem to have been somewhat reversed. The Russian media have their own biases of course, but, as you note, when reporting upon certain "sensitive issues", they tend to be far more objective than our own. Fortunately for the Russians, their journalists are not bound by our NUJ Code of Conduct.


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