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Monday 5 September 2011

Muslim preaches to Queen Beatrix at Amsterdam Concert

As can be seen from the videos below, something truly peculiar happened at a classical concert held in Amsterdam on Saturday. A Muslim appeared in front of the orchestra and began to address the audience about the wonders of Islam until removed by security guards after perplexed members of the orchestra had filed off of the stage. As can be seen from her facial expression in the first video, Queen Beatrix was nonplussed by this bizarre spectacle. Further information on the story can be found at Jihadwatch. Also, don’t forget that this Channel 4 will be screening a new documentary at 8pm this evening: The Ground Zero Mosque.

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  1. Now they have taken to disrupt classical concerts. There is nothing that is sacrosanct. Muslims will disrupt every aspect of our lives, be it in the way above, or the hundreds of ways they are now making life ever more unpleasant for everyone.


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