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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Videos from Muslims Against Crusades and EDL 9/11 Protests

More videos have come to light of today’s Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) protest and EDL counter protest near the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square. The first of the videos shows both MAC and the EDL, as well as a small group of non-doctrinaire Muslims forming a third group, embittered at MAC sullying their reputation. One of the signs held aloft by a member of the latter group read: ‘If you want Sharia, go to Saudi’. Good man!

As for MAC, the slogans on their placards were of the same nature as those displayed last year, some variations upon previous themes including: ‘United States – Terrorist State’, ‘Islam is for the Whole of Mankind’ and ‘9/11: Beginning of the end for Democracy’. The police allowed MAC to conduct their protest, whilst eventually shunting away members of the EDL who had come to express their objection to Choudary’s group’s violation of the act of remembrance. The only manhandling by the police witnessed in either video occurs in the first, involving a young EDL supporter. Nonetheless, it was wise to ensure that the two groups were kept physically apart from each other.

The second video is comprised only of excerpts from MAC’s demonstration: chanting, speeches and the burning of the American flag.

Two Members of EDL Stabbed
According to the Casuals United blog, two EDL members were stabbed today and there have been unconfirmed reports that two MAC supporters were arrested. It is stated that the stabbing was captured on video by a female member of the EDL, which should hopefully prove sufficient to identify the culprits. The Demotix website states that violence flared between MAC and the EDL on the Edgeware Road after the demonstration in Grosvenor Square had finished, with the stabbings occuring outside of a JD Wetherspoon's pub. A police forensics team is reported as having secured the site. Reports suggest that there were between 50 and 100 EDL supporters present at the time, but details at this stage remain sketchy.

Some background can be found at today’s earlier post, ‘Loud, Bearded and MAC: Muslims Against Crusades latest 9/11 Protest’.


  1. I’m still not convinced that MAC and Choudary are FOR REAL. They’re just too extreme to be believable. It’s as if they have been paid by either the Government, or by Muslim-Brotherhood type Muslim groups, to take attention away from the real threat - them. Either that or the state is controlling them.

    I don’t usually go in for conspiracy theories but MAC are just so blatantly extreme and cartoon-like... I don’t know. Hasn’t Choudary heard of TAQIYYA?

    The EDL is playing into Searchlight ‘Plague on both their houses’ (EDL & MAC) gimmick in which it focuses exclusively on criticising EDL and MAC, thus leaving MAB, MCB, MPACUK, Islam Forum Europe, etc. etc. totally untouched. These Islamist orgs are far more dangerous than MAC. Let the Daily Mail, the Sun., etc. deal with MAC. They are doing a fairly decent job out. Let’s not take are eyes of the ball by this MAC distraction.

  2. Although the jihadists didn't manage any attacks on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, thanks to the vigilance the security agencies, we can expect they'll try again in the run up to Christmas. Jihadists hate Christmas and want to make it a time of suffering for the infidels.

  3. Since they burn flags then why not at the next Mac protest. Why not wave large banners with a physical depiction of the prophet Muhammed leaving a kebab shop in Birmingham.

  4. now american understand very well,they has lose war with islam and now they are doing this like a boby,,,they
    has to fight in iraq,afaqinstan anther countries

  5. "One of the signs held aloft by a member of the latter group read: ‘If you want Sharia, go to Saudi’. Good man!"

    Don't fall for the good cop bad cop routine while they demographically expand their base. Try this instead:

    "If you want ISLAM, go to Saudi."


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