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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Video: Islamo-Marxist Mob confronts Police

As mentioned in previous posts today, the EDL static demonstration which ended up being held outside of Aldgate Underground Station appears to have been relatively peaceful, whereas it is evident from the following video of a slogan-spouting mob, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP)-led UAF counter-demonstration appears to have been a rather less peaceable affair. Note how they violate Theresa May's banning order on marches with impunity and physically confront the police. Why didn't the police stop this? They wouldn't have put up with the same sort of behaviour from the EDL, and they didn't.

What the following video amply demonstrates is the UAF willingness to use violence and the fact that its supporters would have sought violent confrontation with the EDL had they been allowed to get near them. It is time that the media came clean about the origins of the bulk of the violence that it reports as being 'associated with' EDL demos, and admit that the perpetrators of this violence are predominantly communist agitators and their Muslim cohorts. At least the recent intense efforts by the Communist front groups UAF, 'Hope Not Hate' and Searchlight to portray the EDL as a 'far-right' terrorist threat seem to have been largely dismissed by the police now.


  1. We have the same situation here in the States, regarding the Tea Party, to which my wife and I belong. Our own left-leaning media like to portray us as violent, hateful, racist bigots, though polling data of self-identified Tea Partiers shows that they represent a broad ethnic and racial spectrum of the American population, much more so than typical leftist groups do; additionally Tea Party demonstrations are models of civic responsibility. And, just as in Britain with the EDL, whenever any sort of violence breaks out near or on the edges of a Tea Party event, the media slant the coverage in such a way as to imply that the Tea Party is to blame, whereas the truth is invariably that leftist _agents provocateurs_ are the culprits.

    The prevarication of the left, and specially of its news media propaganda arm is infuriating, I know, but, on our side of the Atlanatic no less than on yours, we can only soldier on (as the only alternative is to yield the field of battle to the enemy).

    Best regards from Florida,
    Carlos Perera

  2. Hello

    First time I have posted on this site although I have been seeing your comments for years on such sites as 'Atlas Shrugs'

    You haven't mentioned anywhere for UK viewers that Channel 4 will have a documentary on Monday at 8 about the 'Ground Zero Mosque' and the campaign against building it led by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

    Ivan Winters, Bradford, West Yorks
    Democratic Nationalists

  3. Hello Carlos,

    Thanks for dropping in. My knowledge of the Tea Party movement isn’t great I’m afraid, but I am aware of the fact that it’s attempting to drive down the deficit, which is a good thing, as well as to make Congress more accountable for the tax dollars that it spends. The US, and indeed the whole of the Western world, needs to end its ruinous addiction to debt.

    That said, I think that many of the macroeconomic factors underpinning the economies of the US, the UK and European nations are to some respects quite divergent owing to the US’s lower population density, greater territory and massive natural resource base. Neither US style free-market capitalism nor socialism are answers to our economic impasse here in the UK or in neighbouring European countries. Something radically different is required, but I don’t have time to go into just what that is at this moment.

    Good luck with blocking Islamisation in the US!

  4. Good evening Ivan,

    Welcome. Thanks for reminding me about the Ground Zero Mosque programme. It was interesting, so I’ll be posting some reflections on it over the next day or so when I can find a few spare minutes. I added a mention of it this morning in my quick post on the peculiar incident at a concert in Amsterdam last Saturday, so hopefully a few readers will have picked up on it there if they weren’t aware that it was on this evening.


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