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Thursday 29 September 2011

Newcastle's ‘Rising Against Islamophobia’

As the economic decline of the West continues, and individuals who joined trade unions look to them to protect their jobs and working conditions, many trade union activists dedicate themselves to concerns that are tangential, if not in direct opposition to, the beliefs, desires and interests of rank-and-file members. Thus it is that many union stewards and reps abuse their positions of trust to forward their own militant Leftist agenda. They undermine the job security of indigenous members by actively promoting ever more mass immigration (legal migration, ‘asylum’, recognition of the ‘right’ of illegal immigrants to remain in the country, ‘family reunion’, Turkish accession to the EU, etc) as well as subverting the identity of the country by engaging in a vigorous Kulturkampf which promotes Balkanisation under the heading of ‘diversity’, routinely brand expressions of English identity as ‘racist’ and ‘extremist’, and support the growth of the misogynist, anti-rational Dark Age belief system called Islam.

What I have written above is a statement of fact. I do not believe that there is any room for this to be disputed. That said, I do not for one moment tar all trade unionists with the same brush, and recognise that there are many excellent stewards and reps who do a good job in seeking to defend the interests of their members and do not become involved in the harmful abovementioned activities that are embedded within the official policies of their unions. It is up to people such as these to win back the trade union movement for reason, and to defend the real interests of their members rather than undermining the latter’s economic security and stigmatising their indigenous cultural identity. I call upon decent trade unionists who do not subscribe to erroneous Leftist multiculturalist dogma to make their displeasure known to colleagues about the union-sponsored UAF demonstration promoting Islamisation and supported by the Muslim Defence League (MDL) that will take place in Newcastle on 29 October this year. 

The title of the event itself – Rising Against Islamophobia – is both provocative and designed to promote the myth that objecting to Islamic doctrine and Islamisation is irrational. Indeed, the aim of the organisers is to stamp out independent thought and to impose a totalitarian line: this is the ‘truth’, and if you question it, you are a ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘far-right’. Even if you are a trade unionist who does not share my particular perspective, you ought to feel distinctly uneasy about the line and tactics of UAF.

Unison appears to be the major union backing the event, but the following campaigns, groups and individuals will also be represented: 
  • Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC)
  • Coalition of Resistance
  • Councillor Dipu Ahad
  • Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia
  • Muslim Defence League 
  • Northern Public Services Alliance 
  • Show Racism the Red Card
  • Stop the War Coalition
  • Yvonne Ridley
How much will this promotion of Islam cost non-Muslim trade union members? This event will after all require funding. At a time when jobs are being lost and services being degraded, why are scarce resources being wasted upon promoting an alien and hostile creed that stands in direct opposition to the values of most ordinary trade unionists? It is time that rank-and-file members awoke to the fact that their movement has been hijacked by Trotskyites intent upon using it for purposes other than what it was established.

The EDL will be holding a counter-protest to this celebration of national self-destruction, cultural masochism and Islamisation. Let us hope that they enjoy a successful and peaceful demonstration, and that ordinary trade unionists are able to win back their movement from the harmful pro-Islamic fanatics who have subverted its noble founding principles.


  1. They don't seem to realise most of their membership aren't Islamophobic as the fear of Islam isn't irrational at all. Most of us now realise exactly what Islam is, a totalitarian ideology wrapped up in the trappings of a religious cult. That's not a phobia, it's a fact.

  2. I'll see your "Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC)" and raise you "Ordinary Brits Against Muslim A*sholes" (OBAMA).

    Seriously, all strength to the EDL and the real trade unionists, from a fellow Novocastrian (Down Under version).

  3. You're quite right QM. After all, is it 'phobic' to fear a doctrine that demands death for 'apostates' (witness the current case in Iran) and puts so little value upon women that under Sharia there must be four independent male witnesses to bring a successful charge of rape? No, I don't think so. It is very rational to possess a healthy fear of what people become capable of when gripped by the fever of Islamic fervour.

  4. Thanks Juniper. It's appreciated.

    Nice acronym Brett!

  5. The TUC is continuing the policy of the previous Labour govt...

    - Import huge number of Labour voting Muslim immigrants.

    - Muslim immigrants are especially favoured because they are unassimilable and fast-breeding.

    - The resultant population explosion will eventually destroy the countryside and much of Britain's heritage, again helping to erode national pride and sense of identity.

    - Give preferential cheap social housing to Muslims, while allowing the cost of commercial housing to rise astronomically. This makes finding a home and starting a family very difficult for the British working class.

    - Denigrate all British achievements and history. Brainwash students with a sense of guilt about colonialism, slavery and the British Empire and completely airbrush British achievements out of history. This will ultimately produce a nation obsessed with guilt and self-loathing.

    - Wreck the educational system (while ensuring Labour MP's own kids go to the best schools)

    - Destroy all non-state controlled institutions where proles can meet and exchange unauthorised opinions (eg use of taxation and licensing legislation to destroy community centres such as pubs and village halls)

    - Humiliate and demoralise the British working class by allowing aggressive Muslims unrestricted rights to attack and rape British children without risk of prosecution.

    - All tensions are the result of inadequate community cohesion, which is the fault of the indigenous proles and must be remedied by vigorous brainwashing.

    - Get the BBC (the Labour Party propaganda machine) to tell the British working class that they are worthless, while Muslims are the people of the future. More at

  6. Trencherbone, your comments and analysis are spot on as ever. If readers haven't visited his site, it's well worth a look.

  7. Muslims are just 3% of the population. Even in 2030 they will be no more than 6%. Why are you inflating their influence as though they are about to become the majority?
    All you're doing is giving them more publicity and consequently creating curiosity about their faith which appears to be boosting their numbers.
    Is this what you want?


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