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Monday 5 September 2011

Muslim Males attack defenceless EDL Woman in the Street

The three videos below amply illustrate the reality of the threat posed to our country by Islamic colonisation. How? Quite simply because they show the nature of a significant section of the supposedly 'peaceful' and 'vibrant' Muslim 'community' that 'enriches' London. As I remarked in my piece which prefaced the EDL's Tower Hamlets demo, the large-scale of the police operation reflected not the violence expected from the EDL, but from Muslim residents and the Communist agitators of Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

In the first video, you will see a female EDL supporter who has been dragged from her coach set upon and kicked in the head by a group of Muslim males. In the second, you will see Muslim males attack the coach with a variety of missiles and breaking its windows, and in the third you will see two UAF 'anti-fascists' laughing and joking about the violence unleashed upon the woman shown in the first video. Watch the following and see if you still honestly believe that the presence of this 'community' (i.e. colony) 'enriches' London. The Casuals United blog has more information on what happened to the woman here.

UAF gloat over EDL woman dragged out of coach and punched in face


  1. There are these pussies laughing about that woman that was attacked by Muslims. But all of the sudden they have to go...pathetic.
    Greetings from a German living in Ireland.

    EDL, keep up the good work. Sooner or later we all will unite to free our continent.

    God bless the UK.

  2. I hope Mr. Robinson continues his tactic of claiming political prisoner status; maybe all of us who agree with him should do the same by using appropriate wording on our email signatures etc.

  3. here's the gloater video guy

  4. The civilized Western World needs to ban this entire shitslam religeon and deport its followers back to the sand flea infested hell hole they came from where they can practice their Sharia as they wish. Im only sorry the general public in England is not allowed to own guns. If that'd been my wife here, in the US, I would have shot every single one of them!

  5. Great 'snippets'. If you covered any further, a group of youths (who happened to be muslim) surrounded the lady, brought her to her feet and took her to paramedics.

    So ask yourselves this question, firstly I dont think anyone would agree with violence in this situation from anyone be it EDL or opposition.

    Secondly, seeing as we are Muslim bashing, can anyone clearly identify the religion or ethnicity of the people near the lady in the video?

    Thirdly, why hasnt this blog given the full story?

    This blog simply adds to the hatred spewed from one angle. Extreme views are the same no matter where they come from.

  6. trust me, as a hindu, the leftists still are in bed with the islamists even after 80 million hindus were killed in india and thousands of temples destroyed. the muslim pop is now 15% so these historical facts are covered up. anybody that speaks the truth is called 'right wing', etc. This is after 1400 years of jihad. This is how evil the left is. Please continue your fight. God bless/namaste. Try to link more with Hindus and Jews. We are all suffering horribly under islam.

  7. Gregg Johnson. Tired of these anonymous pussies. READ the queeran boys. islam is a toilet belief led by a pedophile. Do not believe me, READ it yourself. Old moohammed brags about takin that 6 year old Aisha and when she was 9 banging her while mommie cried because he took her from her toys and friends. All of islam is based upon hate, murder, rape, stealing, lying and so forth. Anyone folloing this is poisoned and their soul has died. muzzies believe that banging boys is OK as long as they have no pubic hair. Sick Fu###. Remember, Gregg Johnson, come and play.

  8. You all have racist and extremists ideas. As a community we should support the people who were attacked,help them and prevent these riots that are taking place. It is very wrong to blame Islam or the Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace. We should not blame Islam and the Muslims who haven't done anything. They are deviant people in every religion and they are good people as well. There will be good and bad people whether Muslims,Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. The good people shouldn't be punished for others doings. Its not religion but sick disturbed individuals that have no character and morals.We should think about the millions of people dying of hunger and poverty around the world. Poverty is our real enemy.Please understand. Lets be together in this war against poverty and respect everyone whether they are a Muslim, Christian, Jew etc. All the Muslims have sympathy with the soldier, god give him a place in Heaven. We cannot say this is a Muslim's doing but a sick, disgusted individual doing. Islam doesn't give permission for this. As a Muslim, I think you all should think once again. I am speaking on behalf of the Muslim community.

    1. all religion is evil but islam is the worst.
      I am not pro-violent but in defence it is justified and also when people are violent because of their religious beliefs/culture/influences then this motive for violence is worse-ie violence is bad but religious violence is even worse because religion is evil and when used to support doctrines of hate and violence its as ugly and despicable as it is possible to be in my opinion.
      if someone is killed or raped or beaten or tortured or deprived because of sex or money or fear or psychotic illness or anger -this is then explained and reflects human weakness and human base behaviour-but when the evil crimes are caused by or intensified by religion then I personally cannot grasp this as it is so shocking-that myths and fairy tales about imaginary people and imaginary powers causes humans to behave even worse than the most grotesque human behaviour.
      religion should have died out several hundred years ago -but sadly and frighteningly it hasn't-personally as a base-line I consider all religion to be evil and all religious people to be evil-I just think most luckily are harmless in the uk anyway-however in india and Africa and any muslim countries they still stone to death and burn alive and amputate innocent people including children because they are religious pious bigoted blood thirsty religious motivated types and I include witchcraft as religious related belief of course.
      so it isn't historic in half the world it still is full on medieval religious lunacy.
      I am sick of hearing islam is a religion of peace-it isn't and nor is any religion-even budhists are killing muslims in Burma-because every religion is evil and stupid.
      as for I am a good muslim-you cannot be? the best you can claim or we can hope for with any religious person is that they are harmless.


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