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Friday 9 September 2011

Bloc Identitaire stage “Die in” against anti-white Racism in Dijon

Let us for a moment imagine the following situation: you have travelled to the centre of an attractive provincial city for the afternoon, and whilst you are walking along a pedestrianised street you suddenly see a small group of people. All are dressed similarly, and walk but briefly before calmly assuming prone and supine positions on the street, as if dead; clothing spattered with red, suggesting blood. Their silent forms lie still, bringing to mind the plaster casts of the victims lost to the Vesuvian eruption of AD 79. Another member of the group appears with a megaphone, places signs on their bodies and starts to address the shoppers. What is going on?

The French political group Bloc Identitaire is innovative and unorthodox, as was reflected last Saturday in its novel approach to highlighting the phenomenon of anti-white racism with reference to the specific case of a recent racially motivated murder in Dijon, about which the authorities have chosen to remain silent. A group of activists took their message to the centre of Dijon through employing an eye-catching piece of street theatre – a “Die in” against anti-white racism. This was followed by a leafleting session distributing the flyer shown below entitled ‘Open Season for hunting Whites in Dijon!’

Having watched the video below, consider this: would it have been possible to do something such as this in the UK? Somehow, I suspect that had anyone chosen to highlight anti-white racism in such a fashion here, they’d probably have found themselves promptly arrested and charged with ‘inciting racial hatred’. What follows is a translation of the Burgundy Bloc Identitaire press release and video of the “Die in”.

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