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Saturday 24 September 2011

Muslims call for War in France

When symbolic gestures are expressive of real political intent rooted in an underpinning ideology, they possess much power; but when such gestures are made with the objective of generating public approbation through tapping into culturally resonant themes without such intent, they are nothing more than cynical opportunism.

In France this month, we have witnessed the political Establishment passing two laws which tap directly into French national and cultural identity, and on the surface, appear to address two manifestations of a vigorous challenge to France’s secular identity – laïcité – by the country’s burgeoning Muslim population: street prayers and the wearing of the veil. Both have now been banned, yet there has been no effective enforcement of these laws. Many Muslim women continue to wear the veil, and many Muslims in general continue to ignore the prohibition of praying en masse in the street. By failing to observe the letter of the law, the French state has generated an even greater degree of contempt for its authority amongst the many millions of Muslims resident within its borders, for the latter can see that they can flout the law at will. This will serve to encourage the growth of parallel Sharia-governed Muslim enclaves that will be a drain on the state and a danger to indigenous French society.

Does what I have written mean that I approve of the veil or of street prayers? Of course not! However, simply banning the overt manifestations of doctrinaire Muslim identity does nothing to remove the ideology from its human carriers, and that is where the danger lies. Banning burqas, niqabs and street prayers does not stop the growth of France’s Muslim population, particularly when the bans are not enforced. If they were to be enforced, this would at a minimum act as a minor deterrent to further Muslim immigration, but as there seems to be no intention to compel observance, such immigration will continue on a mass scale. Given the spectacular demographic growth of the Muslim component resident within French borders, such measures would anyway be rendered redundant at some point in the none-too-distant future, for once Muslims reach a critical demographic threshold they will be able to introduce Islamic dress codes, street prayers and Sharia via ‘democratic’ means. This is where the concepts of secularism and democracy fall apart when not rooted in nationalist identitarian politics.

Returning to the concrete situation in France, the ban on street prayers came into force on Friday 16 September and was immediately ignored by militant Muslims in Paris. Indeed, in the first of the videos below, you can see Muslims calling for war against the French state (and by extension the French people). The first three minutes or so consists mainly of an interview with one of these hotheads, before going on to show a sizeable group of Muslims marching through the streets of Paris letting forth some of their favourite chants such as “Allahu-akbar!” and “Death to the Jews!” At 4:51, the marchers stop to occupy a street and pray. For some reason, no police come forth to stop any of this. The protesters simply did as they wished, making the French state appear weak and irresolute, which is absolutely the wrong kind of message to send to colonising doctrinaire Islamic thugs such as these. Moreover, the makers of the video note that in Paris 28 million Euros of public money is being offered for the construction of a mosque masquerading as a “cultural centre”, money which could instead have been used to fund crèches and schools for Parisians. What a waste! 

Given the French state’s lack of desire to stand up to Islamisation on behalf of its people, it has fallen to political parties and movements outside of the Establishment to defend the French way of life and identity. The activists of Bloc Identitaire have been at the forefront of this struggle, and have sought to block the construction of two mosques in the past year by ‘contaminating’ the proposed building sites with pig’s blood and other pork products, as shown in the second and third videos below. This is of course imaginative and harms nobody, although it is a shame to see good ham and suckling pig go to waste. Unfortunately, these actions incurred the ire of two French organisations which can be seen as the equivalent of the UK’s UAF and Hope Not Hate: LICRA (League internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme) and SOS Racisme, which called for the videos to be removed and those involved to be prosecuted for "incitement to racial hatred". Rather than desiring the activists of Bloc Identitaire to be prosecuted, I wish them luck in their endeavours and congratulate them for their innovative responses to Islamisation. Vive le Bloc Identitaire! Their symbol – a black boar against a blue background – should serve as a totemic device around which Europeans opposed to Islamisation can unite. 


  1. One day, a French Andrew Berwick will arise and enforce the law.

  2. In the case of the French they already have Charles Martel ( for inspiration.

    Though somehow I don't think Sarkozy, nor any of the current crop of EuroWeenies is quite up to that standard. May need a ring in, most likely from Africa, where they're fighting the barbarians every day.

  3. Durotigan, I wanted to post this on Gates of Vienna but as I don't have a gmail account I post it here. Your colleage Sarah has published about those who politicised the police and CPS.

  4. Your comments are right on target.

    Laws that are not enforced only serve to create contempt for all laws. That is bad under any circumstances, deadly when faced with a militant diaspora.

    There is an additional problem I see in the French 'solution' to in-your-face street prayers: by providing government buildings as temporary mosques and then actively channeling funds to building Mosques, the French authorities have actually reduced the secularity of their State. In one move, the State has accepted the responsibility of providing one religion's houses of worship - in effect making Islam the only State-sponsored religion in France.

    How is that good for secularism?

  5. Thanks Xanthippa. You make a good point with respect to the paradox of an avowedly secular state providing mosques for its rapidly expanding Muslim immigrant and immigrant-descended population. Rather than being secularism, it seems to be an expression of craven PC lunacy. If only Marine Le Pen were to win next year's presidential election! We can but dream.


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