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Saturday 10 September 2011

Catharsis in Berlin: Oskar Freysinger’s Speech

Speaking at the recent Die Freiheit Conference in Berlin, Swiss People’s Party MP Oskar Freysinger delivered a passionate and truthful speech, bringing forth a storm of applause from the audience; applause and enthusiasm that expressed the collective catharsis of people who have long been told that they must respect and adhere to the lies of multiculturalist dogma. The sense of relief and jubilation that at last they may speak and think freely, devoid of the mental shackles of political correctness with respect to Islam and the demographic threat posed by Islamisation, is electric.

It is not too late to save our European societies and cultures, grown from a common stock, as an awakening is spreading through the European peoples about the demographic and ideological crises that we face. The decadent globalist political elites within our societies may cleave to their neo-liberal economic orthodoxies and attendant ideology of multiculturalism and desire for mass immigration, but the falsehood and essential harmfulness of their position is becoming ever more apparent. Freysinger is but one voice, albeit a very powerful one, amongst a growing chorus of European voices calling for a solution to the clear existential threat that we face. Hat tip to Frank Kitman for posting the following video on his blog.

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