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Sunday, 6 May 2012

English Democrats' Performance in Doncaster: May 2012

It should perhaps come as a relief to the English Democrats that the electors of Doncaster voted in favour of retaining its mayoral system last Thursday, for following the local elections English Democrat Mayor Peter Davies remains the sole individual from that party to hold office in the borough. He himself was not up for re-election on this occasion, but the electors chose to retain the system by a margin of 61.7% to 37.8%. Just quite how far this is indicative of his personal popularity is difficult to gauge, but this result does seem to provide a clear popular endorsement of the system itself.

In the 2011 May local elections the English Democrats chose to contest twelve wards in Doncaster, whereas this year they fielded candidates in only seven. This tactic seems to have paid off, by perhaps enabling them to better concentrate their modest resources. Although on this occasion the party failed to secure elected representation, it did make tangible progress in the borough, with the average number of votes per candidate increasing from 642 to 754 despite a decline in turnout, and the average share increasing from 16.2% to 22.3%. Last year, the best share obtained was 23.3% in the Bentley Ward, whereas this time the highest proportion was obtained in Wheatley with 28.3%. The positions of the candidates improved too, for in 2011 the party achieved three second places, whereas this year it took five, with one third (just a few votes behind second place) and one fourth.

Although the English Democrats failed to make a breakthrough, these figures would seem to indicate that the presence of the mayor has accorded the party considerable public visibility and thereby generated a certain level of popular support, although this has yet to translate itself into councillors in this Labour stronghold. The future of the party however appears to be in question, as there is some dissent within the English Democrats regarding the leadership largely arising from the admission of a number of ex-BNP members, and there have been expressions of disappointment with the party's results this time around, for nationally it has not made any real headway. Moreover, the party is said to be in considerable debt.

The results below contrast this year's performance with last.

Bentley            681 (25.1%) / 739 (23.3%)

Bessacarr and Cantley        535 (12.9%) / 756 (15.9%)

Central            533 (17.7%) / didn't stand

Edenthorpe, Kirk Sandall & Barnby Dun        731 (19.9%) / 655 (14.8%)

Finningley        1163 (26%) / 1137 (21.2%)

Hatfield            827 (26%) / 673 (17.5%)

Wheatley          806 (28.3%) / 786 (22.9%)


  1. However tiny, these results are extremely encouraging. It shows that the English Democrats have concentrated their limited resources on an area where they alredy had a foothold - a lesson other embryonic Parties need to take on board.
    As an English national they give me hope for the future and I will be giving them and UKIP every bit of possible support in the future
    Bert Leech

    1. Hello Bert. I agree that their decision to concentrate resources on fewer seats was a rational tactic that paid off. As for their performance elsewhere, it has, from what I have seen, been less noteworthy.

    2. The policies sound like what I am looking for in a party. Not employed at the moment, so cannot give you any money.

      I was asked by an agency to provide photo ID to prove I was eligible to work in this country. Thirty years ago, a full Birth Certificate would suffice. Why do we keep having to justify our own existence, when I can trace my family tree back to 1600? The DWP do not even have a photo of me, but my personal adviser says that they "have other ways of knowing I am who I am". I refuse to pay £77 for a passport when I have no intention of going abroad, and as I do not drive, I do not have a driving licence.... I would thus have thought I was doing as the government had been advocating, i.e. producing as low a "carbon footprint" as possible.

  2. It seems to me EDP is getting into a state of division. As you correctly point out they have contested some wards in the North and have done well with credible results in Doncaster, Barnsley and some wards in Leeds. But, their performance in some of the wards they contested in the South (Butlerland !) was poor. The vast majority of their membership is in the South. They see lots of money being spent by the party, part of it on campaigns 'Oop North', lots of strange people entering the Party (ex BNP members), an ex BNP 'elections guru' and bad results in their area. They have little interest in the good results from the North, after all they cannot even find the wards on a map, and most of the successful candidates in the North are ex BNP !

    Ivan Winters
    Democratic Nationalists

    1. Their Doncaster results appear to have been the best in the country and, as you note, their performance does seem to have been rather better in the North than the South. I suspect that some of this regional variation could be attributed to a greater support for UKIP in the South. Murmurings and mutterings about Tilbrook and Uncles continue. What next for the EDP?

  3. Get rid of Eddy Butler.. Sound Advice.

  4. Im sure Eddy Butlers campaings (think 'rights for whites' from the 90s v.violent campaign, and 'paedo labour') will do much to change their fortunes, compare the bnp/edp figures and success for Barnsley.. try to deny its a takeover and ee that it isnt even doing them any good.. why the edp want the bnp is a mystery. But the fact is that they do. Had I ever considered voting for them I would never do so now.


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