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Saturday 5 May 2012

EDL Luton March Coverage: Lennon and Carroll join BFP

Today the EDL is holding a demonstration in Luton to mark the third anniversary of its foundation. Unsurprisingly, UAF and the SWP are holding a counterdemonstration (badged as 'We are Luton'), as has become traditional upon such occasions. According to the Casuals United blog (hat tip for the picture below), some 2,000 supporters have taken to the streets of Luton. This also coincides with the long-anticipated official announcement regarding Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson joining the British Freedom Party (BFP) as Deputy Chairman. It has been announced that he will be sharing this role with Kevin Carroll. Quite how effective that arrangement proves to be remains to be seen.

Yesterday witnessed the first electoral test for the BFP, and as can be seen from the results at this link, it fared spectacularly badly. Although those who head both the BFP and the EDL hope that today's announcement will provide a boost for the former, it has already prompted the departure of a number of BFP members. However, what is beyond dispute is the fact that Stephen Lennon's decision to join the BFP will generate headlines and afford the party far more coverage than it has hitherto enjoyed. Although Matthew Goodwin correctly observed in The Guardian yesterday that the BNP was spent as an electoral force and should now be considered a political irrelevance, he perhaps places rather too much store upon the potential success of an EDL/BFP tie-up, owing to the numerous reasons outlined in previous articles highlighting the weaknesses both of this strategic approach and of the BFP's policies and presentation (a detailed criticism of its 20 Point Plan can be found here).

Luton of course has acquired a reputation for radical Islamism, with the most recent arrest for terrorist-related offences taking place towards the end of last month when five men in the town were detained in police swoops. It is therefore not surprising that Luton was the town that gave birth to the EDL, and this fact has in recent months drawn considerable media coverage, most notably in two documentaries looking at ethno-confessional polarisation in the town: Stacey Dooley's lightweight 'My Hometown Fanatics' and the rather more serious but partial episode of Despatches 'Proud and Prejudiced'. Both of these came after a special Radio 4 report on the town last September, featuring interviews conducted by John Humphrys with Stephen Lennon and Sayful Islam amongst others.

The following video gives a flavour of the EDL demo today.


EDL Luton Demo: Saturday 5th May 2012


  1. you should have been there....It was real friendship and united to highlight the dangers and undemocratic of Islam....we just don't shout EDL...we speak and discuss...we have a great heart that your vid can't show....

    Lionsingh EDL Proud and not quiet

    1. It is true that no single clip can convey the full flavour of a demonstration, a campaign group, or the varied nature and character of its supporters. This was simply a piece that became available early in the day. Good luck to you in combating Islamism.

  2. this action is something that will go one of two will sink and they will be tarnished before the off......or they will balloon in size , grown and gather media attention e.t.c

    my worry with this though is that although separate organisations the fact kevin and tommy are vice chairmen at british freedom will undoubtedly cause the link between the 2 organisations and will tarnish both organisations with the same brush if someone from either organisation lashes out and says something damaging

    kevin and tommy im sure are perfectly nice guys and i hope this will work out and succeed

    1. It is not so much "if", as when. Indeed, it's already happened, what with Michael Wood tweeting about how he couldn't give a damn about the victims of mass murderer Anders Breivik, stating: "Couldn't care less that #Breivik went radio rental on leftist youths. He knew they would grow up to betray Norway #EDL" or indeed Kevin Carroll's recent call for Galloway to be hanged for "treason". I've no liking for Galloway, but I don't want to see the man dead.

    2. the problem is for nationalists the continuous discussion on islam amongst other things...people want to know who will help them with jobs and economic worries......nationalism needs to move with the times....dont have to stick so religiously to a restricted number of policies.......the tweet was very bad also the comments to do with hanging for treason as you say was bad......

      personally what would be best is joining up with a smaller party that is already around and trying to discuss changes to make a party fit for everyone.....i look at something like freedom-democrats for is young in its life but it means it is also able to be moulded and grown into the perfect party...yes they are bfp breakaway but those resources would be in place to grow something.....instead of going through the trying process of starting from scratch again


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