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Sunday 13 May 2012

The True Enemy of Nationalism

Guest Article by Mr Brigantian

Anyone who has supported/followed/voted for or had a cursory interest in the British nationalist movement will know that it has supposedly always been held back by a combination of the Left-Wing media, the 'all powerful Jews', Marxist troublemakers and state infiltrators.

If you take on board what is written on certain nationalist websites and blogs they have foiled our attempts to be seen as a respectable and credible electoral force time and time again. They combine their dark forces to split our ranks, denigrate and demonise decent law abiding members and publish lies about us. They have created an environment where it is almost impossible for a nationalist party to have its voice heard without having its words twisted beyond their original meaning.

Well, I believe that the main problem we have is far closer to home and I realise that what I am about to suggest isn't going to be popular but I believe it needs to be said.

The biggest enemy that nationalism has in this country is nationalists. Let me explain.

Whilst I accept that some of the aforementioned elements have had an effect on the progression of nationalist ideology, I think its own blindness to what is palatable to the general public and a burning need to always have a bogeyman on which to blame its shortcomings has been far more damaging.

A brief glance at the comments section on any site (or at least the ones that are willing to publish the opinions of those that disagree) reveals that there are almost as many definitions of nationalism as there are nationalists, and people fiercely and vociferously defend their position. 

While I think that debate is healthy, the sad fact is that all too often this descends into a pointless and damaging free for all where insults and accusations are the norm. Add to this the hateful minority who actively seek to undermine and destroy the efforts of those they consider 'soft' or too liberal then its a wonder that the other perceived 'malign forces' ever get a look-in.

It’s a sad fact of life that, in general, people are more vocal and passionate about things they dislike than things they do like, but instead of spending an inordinate amount of time and effort attacking those you disagree with, isn't it more productive to be constructive?

The harsh reality is that it is unlikely that any single party will be a perfect fit for everyone in every way. We all have to find one that is the best fit for us as individuals, and the one that we believe has the potential to grow into something that can affect a change for the better. We can't simply sit on the sidelines and grumble any more because time is running out. The current social and economic climate should be fertile ground for the growth of a moderate and sensible Nationalist party, yet we're doing a sterling job of ensuring that doesn't happen.

As far as the public perception is concerned, nationalists are still Nazi-obsessed anti-Semites, obsessed with outlandish conspiracy theories. This is why, despite the majority sharing some of our ideals, we make little to no headway in elections. We are constantly preaching to an ever decreasing number of converts and seem to have no idea how the rest of the population perceives us.

Times have changed yet we are resolutely standing still. We need to look at ourselves from the outside in, assess where we have gone wrong and be brutally honest with ourselves about our mistakes.

The cranks need to be sidelined and starved of the oxygen of publicity. We need to grow up and stop spending all our time arguing over the minutiae of policy, find some common ground and agree to work together.

We cannot be perceived as being obsessed with a single issue. What true nationalism offers us is the opportunity to make headway with the public based on sound economic policy. We need to focus on this.

We should be making hay while the sun shines yet we are treading water.

This is why I believe that the time has never been better for the emergence of a brand new, credible and electable nationalist political party. The current crop are never going to get us out of the mess we are in. Time is wasting, we need to make a move.


  1. You have a point about certain groups, such as the BNP and the Golden Dawn in Greece, which are characterised (demonised?) in the press as "far-right", but which are actually an amalgam of left-wing beliefs about micro-control of the populace and outdated notions about race.

    Personally I call myself a patriot as opposed to a nationalist: country is very important, but didn't develop in a vacuum, rather as part of the 2-millennia-plus process of Western civilisation. But foremost, to paraphrase Cardinal Newman, is conscience.

    1. Joe, it was the PEOPLE who made Britain - and they weren't Asians and Africans. Take the native British people out of the equation and your 'country' is merely a strip of land - albeit a very beautiful one. Is there anything 'outdated' or, as the liberal/left would have it, morally reprehensible about deliberating to ensure our own ethnic group survive and prosper in what is our native land? If so, then why?

  2. Exactly. Take the French people out of France and it would no longer be France, take the British out of Britain and we would cease to be British. The liberal-left have no qualms about mounting campaigns to ensure the people of Tibet for example aren't overwhelmed by Chinese immigration but when it comes to Britons wanting to preserve our homeland for the British people they call that 'racism'. What stinking hypocrites the Left are when it comes to this subject.

    Anonymous (Barry)

  3. #Barry

    The Left is racist as well. They are not about equality. They are the same as the racists who say that there are better races and worse races, the Left says that there are "guilty" races, that must be punished for their sins, and "innocent" races, the "noble savage" etc. If they were about equality, they would support the spread of white people in non-white countries, or the spread of non-muslims in muslim countries. The real logic of multiculturalism leads to everyone becoming minority in their countries, including blacks becoming minority in Africa, arabs becoming minority in Palestina, Tibetans becoming minority in Tibet, hispanics becoming minority in Mexico, etc.
    But the Left doesn't support even that. They are just the other side of the racist coin.
    Personally i think that real multiculturalism is impossible, because when you open the borders, the Big Fish eats the Small Fish - Chinese, Latino, Arab cultures will spread, while small cultures like danish or corean or irish or thai cultures will be swamped. Thus, everyone who supports the Open Borders idea is a Genocide supporter.

    1. You are right. It is actually we 'racists' who are the true defenders of diversity. If every country had open borders like the Left want then ALL the peoples and cultures present in the world would gradually merge into one and what an utterly boring world that would be. By seeking to protect our own people, we are DEFENDING real diversity.

      Anonymous (Barry)

      Anonymous (Barry)

  4. Great article - the real enemy are the middle class liberal-left who speak for no-one except a tiny group of metropolitan types in a couple of areas of North London but due to their insidious control of the media continue to force their disgusting views down the decent English peoples' throats. The optimist in me believes that their power is at its high water mark and that the anger that the average indigenous person feels for it will soon wash it all away.They can't fool everyone forever...

  5. has MR. Brigantian never heard of the British Freedom Party?


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