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Friday, 4 May 2012

Bradford: Respect take five seats

Although George Galloway had initially made the claim, following his own dramatic election victory, that Respect would field candidates in every Bradford ward during the local elections, in the end they managed to field only twelve. Of these twelve, some five have been elected. It may be rather modest, but it is potentially significant. What this significance may be will be considered this evening. The most high profile victim of Respect's success, reports The Telegraph and Argus, was Labour Leader of Bradford Council - Ian Greenwood - who was ousted from his Little Horton seat by Respect candidate Alyas Karmani who enjoyed a margin of 17 votes.

Yesterday also witnessed a referendum as to whether Bradford should elect its mayor, with voters delivering a clear verdict: 'no', with 55.1% voting against the proposal and 44.9% for.


  1. I wonder why Respect are doing so well?

    1. Thanks for the link Mr Fox. I shall take a look later.


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