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Saturday 12 May 2012

Rochdale Muslim Grooming: More Arrests

The Manchester Evening News has reported that more arrests have been made following the sentencing of nine Muslim paedophile residents of Rochdale and Oldham earlier this week in Liverpool. It is stated that all ‘have been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing the same girl’ and that all of the arrestees were ‘from Asian and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds’. The scene of the arrests has once again been Rochdale. The girl of course, was English. According to a BBC News 24 report delivered just after 3pm, a total of nine men have been arrested. One question that naturally arises is this: were they, as previously, all Muslim? This strikes me as being highly probable.

It has been written elsewhere that there could be up to 50 other men involved in the grooming ring to which the nine sentenced in Liverpool belonged, so there will hopefully be many more arrests to come. The Manchester Evening News states that: 
Judge Gerald Clifton, jailing the nine, suggested they had targeted their victims because they were ‘not of your community or religion’. But police and political leaders denied the crimes were about race – saying the men had targeted their victims simply because they were vulnerable.
Quite clearly, the corrosive influence of the Macpherson Report is both what has allowed these crimes to go untackled for so long (it is thought that 47 girls were probably victims of the gang sentenced in Liverpool), and what has hindered recognition of them for what they are. The concept of ‘institutional racism’ which Macpherson fabricated must be ditched, as must all of the policy and legislation that rests upon it. It will be a top policy priority of the new party to ensure that such legislation is repealed, and that police are encouraged to investigate and tackle Muslim paedophile grooming without feeling inhibited. Those who ushered in the Macpherson Report should feel a sense of shame for allowing this factually incorrect document to have exerted such a malign influence over the criminal justice system in this country over the past 13 years, for it has undoubtedly facilitated the actions of brutal Muslim paedophile gangs across the country. In 2005 for example, The Daily Telegraph reports that social workers in Rochdale deliberately ignored evidence of an underage girl being kidnapped and repeatedly gang-raped ‘because they were frightened of being accused of racism.’

The Macpherson Report has proven to be a great facilitator of multiple rape and torture. Moreover, it has created a general culture of fear amongst the indigenous population in this country, in which anyone’s career or reputation may be destroyed by a mere allegation of ‘racism’, and the resultant ‘diversity’ legislation has sought to inculcate a misplaced sense of ‘guilt’ for a non-existent ‘collective racism’ that all native Britons are supposed to harbour. It is time for the authors, supporters and champions of Macpherson to offer us an apology, and to admit that they got it terribly wrong. It is time to bid adieu to the corrosive concept of ‘institutional racism’ and to the ‘diversity’ dogma.


  1. Another Bangladeshi, sorry, I meant Asian sentenced, to 15 years.

    BBC leave out a lot of interesting details, one of which is, that the police are investigating a connection with the Rochdale gang.

    Also, read further down where the girl reported it to the police previously - shocking. I wonder what has happened to kick start the police into doing something of recent.

    1. Thanks for the link Roadhog. How depressing to see yet another instance of this phenomenon accompanied by evidence of police reluctance to act. Will there come a day when we will be rid of such activity, and the police will act in accordance with their duty to defend the public, rather than to turn a blind eye owing to 'community' sensitivities and the desire not to offend 'minorities'?


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