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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

All hail the Queen of the May!

Today is May Day, when thoughts turn not to the international labour movement, but to the regenerative forces of nature. Thus Lord Summerisle would have it, at any rate. Alas, it proves to be the case that I am unable to embed the code for the video of Britt Ekland's memorable invitation to Sergeant Howie, so instead present here an audio recording of Willow's Song, one of the many atmospheric pieces composed and arranged for The Wicker Man by Paul Giovanni. Being short of time this evening, I shall have to leave you to seek out the delights of the film's varied score including a chilling climactic rendition of Sumer Is Icumen In. Prepare to reverence the sacrifice! Poor Edward Woodward went through hell shooting the final scene, for a startled goat peed upon him from above. For further information, please turn to "the Rites and Rituals of May Day, chapter five."


  1. Horror queen Ingrid Pitt was also in this film. The hapless policeman Sergeant Howie, manages to disturb her in the bathtub! I loved the film and have seen it many times.

    Could I offer this link to a traditional May Morning song, "Padstow", by Steeleye Span?

    1. Yes, Ingrid looked most alluring in her tub before the fire. Thanks for the link. I'll have a listen.

  2. Alluring, yes, but also as mad as a lorry.


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