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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Vicious Keighley Attack: Seven arrested

The Telegraph and Argus this evening ran a report on two incidents that occurred late yesterday afternoon in Keighley. The first of these was a violent attack by “A group of Asian men” upon the ethnically unspecified passengers of a “silver vehicle” on Redcliffe Street in the Highfield area of the town, whereas the second was a crash involving a red Toyota Corolla and a blue Ford Focus in the Utley area a few minutes later. The occupants of the Toyota Corolla are believed to have been the men who instigated the earlier attack on Redcliffe Street. As yet, the motive for the assault has not been divulged, although seven residents have been arrested, one of whom is being treated in Bradford Royal Infirmary. The men were aged between 18 and 37.

It seems peculiar that the ethnic background of the attackers was identified, whereas that of their victims was not. This would seem to suggest that the latter were of a different background to the assailants.

Both incidents took place at around 5pm yesterday, and the police have issued the following appeal:
Hopefully, the victims of the attack did not sustain any lasting injuries.


  1. Information IS power, hence the non-divulgence of the occupants. There has to be a reason....

    Laurie -

    1. We'll find out eventually, but whether we'll notice the discrete release of this information is another matter.


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