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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tommy Robinson to appear on Jeremy Kyle?

An anti-British campaign blog has today claimed that Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon will shortly be appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show together with the Chairman of the British Freedom Party Paul Weston. Is this true? It may be a popular show (I must confess to never having watched it), but is this really the right forum for people who wish to elicit support from the general public? Does this not run the risk of seriously backfiring, with these two participants, given the type of people normally said to feature in the programme, coming to be perceived as just another addition to Kyle's dysfunctional circus sideshow?

Rhetorical Question: Is Jeremy Kyle patronising or smug?
Russia Today has hitherto been a rather more reliable news source with respect to its treatment of Islamism and Islamisation in Europe, but in the video below it would seem that it has been infected by the Breivik meme being vigorously peddled by none other than the anti-British 'Hope not Hate' campaign. As someone elsewhere has commented, blaming the EDL for Breivik as 'Hope not Hate' and this report do is akin to blaming The Beatles for Charles Manson (although of course it has to be said that The Beatles produced rather better music than the EDL).


  1. I must confess to finding these type of daytime TV shows and their odious hosts thoroughly irksome. Therefore I have only ever watched small portions of them when there's been no other choice. However, Kyle is very popular among working class women, many of whom refuse to miss an episode. For this reason it would give Tommy and Paul a huge national platform.

    I am certain that a show of this type would be a sprung ambush complete with an artificially hostile audience heckling, and Kyle barking aggressive, quickfire questions at the Patriots to flummox them. Now, unlike Nick Griffin, Tommy and Paul are two very savvy individuals who would remained composed and not be intimidated by this type of situation. Verbally they would crush Kyle leaving him to crawl away tail between his legs. Having routed Kyle, and probably having the audience baying at full volume, all they need then do is smile serenely and maybe wink at the camera. The viewers love a plucky underdog.

    We have already seen what Tommy did to the pompous Paxman when he tried these "aggressive interviewing" tactics on Newsnight. (Hilarious!)
    I believe doing the show could be really positive, so long as they go in well prepared, which I'm sure gentlemen as astute as Tommy and Paul would. Best of luck guys!

  2. Lantern, that could well be the case if the programme were broadcast live but unfortunately it's pre-recorded so the outcome and overall tone would be in the hands of the programmes editors, who are hardly likely to allow Kyle to look a fool and will almost certainly have their own agenda.
    And whilst I agree that Robinson is able to hold his own in most situations, I have seen nothing that convinces me that Weston is anywhere near as capable. In fact for the most part he comes across as a particularly poor media performer.

  3. Lantern, I have to say that I agree with Cygnus. Lennon/Robinson has handled himself pretty well when being interviewed by Paxman, but was not so strong against a hand-picked anti-EDL audience and host on 'The Big Questions' a few weeks ago. The Kyle show will have exactly the same editorial agenda and will be staged and cut in such a manner as to convey the BBC's desired message.

    1. The reason why he didn't do well on The Big Questions is because the host kept interupting him. I recommend to politely ask Kyle not to do it and if he does it anyway, walk out on him.

    2. Television and radio interviewers have a terrible habit of interrupting before someone has had a chance to answer a question. It is quite a deliberate tactic, and must rile the interviewee no end.

  4. Cygnus and Durotrigan. Yes, its a pity that this would be a pre-recorded rather than a live program. I do not doubt the show would have a hostile agenda - this is the establishment we are talking about, and that it would be edited accordingly. I can't comment on Tommy Robinson's performance on "The Big Questions" as I didn't see it. Sounds like it was the usual MSM show trial rather than a debate.

    I must agree to differ with Cygnus over Paul Weston. To me he comes across as professional and poised.

    1. Cygnus has quite rightly drawn my attention to the fact that Kyle is on ITV. I'm really not up to speed with daytime television.


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