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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Bradford Green and Labour Candidates defect to Respect

With the May local elections fast approaching, Galloway’s Bradford bandwagon is still rolling. Yesterday, Bradford West Green candidate Dawud Islam announced via Twitter that he was defecting to Respect to stand under that party banner in May. He stated:
Hello everyone. I have just released the following Press release on why I am joining the Bradford Spring: #BradfordWest
His full press release is as follows: 
Hello Everyone. I have just released the following PRESS RELEASE:

Dawud Islam, the Green Party candidate in the recent Bradford West by-election, has today accepted an offer to join RESPECT and will be standing for the party in Clayton and Fairweather Green in the local elections on May 3rd. Mr Islam said that it was not a decision that he had taken lightly but one made because of the unique set of circumstances that Respect’s by-election victory had created. “This is a real opportunity for a re-alignment of progressive left wing politics in this country and I call on all of those who share similar politics to myself to climb onboard and get involved. This is not about what you may or may not think of George Galloway as an individual, that is not the issue here, although many of course love him. What it is about is creating a genuine left leaning political party that can win seats in inner cities across the country and to offer real hope to those currently disenfranchised by the current political ruling elite”.
He continued “I call on all ‘Real’ Labour supporters to come and join us, I also invite trade unionists, left leaning greens and those many genuine activists in the Lib Dems that follow a progressive agenda and feel let down by the direction Nick Clegg has taken their party. Let’s create a lean well organized coalition of the left that can deliver electoral success both locally and nationally and can speak up for all of Britain’s communities that are currently voiceless”
Dawud praised his old party at the time of making the switch: “It would be an easy decision to make to leave any other party to join RESPECT except the Greens. They are an excellent party and my local team are an excellent set of individuals. I continue to support their entire agenda and will continue my attempts to see it implemented whilst a member of RESPECT. I hope that Caroline Lucas MP and George Galloway MP can agree some sort of electoral pact between the parties in the future as I certainly view the Green Party as a progressive party of the left.

Thanks. Dawud Islam
This will not be the first time that he has changed party affiliation, for in 1996 he left the Labour Party for the Greens owing to his sense of unease with the New Labour project. Radical changes of identity are something that Dawud Islam would seem to be comfortable with, for once upon a time he was a non-Muslim named David Edler. Quite what made Mr Edler embrace such a backward creed is currently beyond the knowledge of this blogger.

Moreover, in line with my speculations on possible Labour defections, some sources claim that the Labour candidate for Manningham has jumped ship at the last moment, and will instead be standing for Respect. If this is true, he will of course take the bulk of his ‘community’ backing with him, and in all likelihood, capitalise upon the jubilant ‘community’ support displayed for Galloway. We will not have long to wait for the veracity of this claim to be established, for all candidates will be announced tomorrow lunchtime. It will be interesting to see how many other Labour candidates might display such brazen opportunism. 

Bradford City Centre: Berlin Wall Theme Park?


  1. You can view his press release here...

    There's some really disgraceful political opportunism going on in this part of the UK at the moment, inspired by the dreadful Galloway. Who knows where all this will end. I'm sure the equally repulsive Livingstone is taking notes as the mayoral election approaches.

    1. Thanks for the link Reed. It's an interesting statement that makes it perfectly clear that he's joining Respect simply because he thinks that he stands more of a chance of winning under that banner. After all, he is still full of praise for the Greens, so why leave otherwise?

      As for Livingstone, he is certainly a politician befitting of the label "repulsive", although I read that Boris Johnson was using some far stronger language to describe him.

  2. I genuinely do not understand this reaction.
    G.G.'s enemy is my enemy too

  3. It will end in a few years with Respect merging with Hizb ut Tahrir. They have been waiting in the wings for 25 years, until the muslim population was large enough.

    13% of prisoners in the UK are muslims. And I don't think that, on the whole, muslims are more criminal than anyone else. Only a fool would believe the government's stats on population. 1.5 million households did not even fill in the 2001 census (and nothing was done to them).


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