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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Respect's Machine Gun Etiquette

The title of this piece could just as readily have been "Muslim Machine Gunner has Bowling and Barkerend in his Sights", but naturally, I resisted the temptation to post something in such poor taste. However, it would appear that the Respect candidate for the ward of Bowling and Barkerend - Asif Khan - was quite happy up until a couple of days ago to have been pictured on his Facebook page brandishing a machine gun. What was depicted in the picture was all quite innocent of course; "charity work" in Afghanistan some ten years ago apparently. Afghan chuggers evidently use rather heavier tactics than a bit of unbidden and jaunty clipboard waving and faux bonhomie whilst you are out shopping. Now, I wonder what manner of charity Mr Khan was assisting? Afghan Heart Foundation? Afghan Water Aid? Perhaps not. Maybe a little assistance with one of the local outward bound youth camps? Should someone ask Mr Khan? Then again, this might not be such a good idea, given that he is not an overly fluent user of English, and thus might not be able to explain himself properly.

Asif Khan: Your charitable Respect Candidate

Khan's relaxed machine gun pose has been a godsend (allahsend?) to his opponents, particularly to Labour, who have been making a big song and dance (behaviours condemned by many 'devout' Afghans) about the picture which has subsequently been removed from his Facebook account. Besides this one image, there are also many others featuring Mr Khan with shotguns, for he has declared that he is rather keen on attending "shooting grounds" in Skipton. "Shooting grounds" - there's a rather chilling ring to this term isn't there? Rather like "killing fields". Still, so far as I'm aware, Mr Khan has not previously opted for a holiday in Cambodia. This particular candidate ought to get together with neo-Nazi gun nut Dave Jones who is standing for election in Todmorden, for they are well matched.

Could it be the case that Khan's opponents have missed footage of his earlier association with machine guns? Who is this turbaned individual introducing the Cramps' 'Bikini Girls with Machine Guns'? Take it away Lux!


  1. Oh My God (Ohmiallah !) Dave Jones has been expelled from BPP (British Peoples Party - or is that British Ummah Party ?) for having a 'darky', the part Malaysian Claire Khaw help him with his leaflet deliveries and other things. Claire is of course famous for loitering around with firearms. The BPP are in the idiotic position of having just one election candidate this May and he is now expelled.

    Informed sources advise me that there are discussions about Dave & Claire joining the Respect Party. Respect have no problem with candidates brandishing firearms. Respect have no problem with white candidates. Not only is their MP, Galloway, white but they are putting up white candidates in some of the Bradford wards. Respect have no problem with candidates wearing SS insignia and posing in front of swastikas, after all many commentators, including Geert Wilders have researched the link between 'Mein Kampf' and the Koran. The only potential issue is the acceptability of having a woman activist. The whole question has been sent for a judgement (fatwa) to Party HQ Religious Affairs Unit 'Ibn Saud House 666 Waheebi Avenue Ridayh Saudi Arabia'.

    Ivan Winters
    Democratic Nationalists

    1. The Ivan Winters that I know would not print such tripe unless I judged him wrong, joining the respect party? Don't you know the BPP really kicked me out for months of advocating anti-communism and anti-socialism, and was being trashed as a 'reactionary' for it by both NF and BPP. So do you think for one second I would join the respect party. Yes I invited Claire up, so f*king what!! More than anything else I was trashed for sticking up for you Ivan. And Kevin i've been nothing but civil with you and you write about me in such flattering terms.

      Nice to know who your 'friends' are.

      David Jones

  2. I am surprised that our gun and flag photos have not been featured here. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

    My intention was to pose in the exact same pose as the photo that was published in the Star on Sunday, but it was too wet so much of the time that we had to confine ourselves indoors to a less ambitious indoor setting.

    The intention was to show solidarity with Dave and anyone else who uses Nazi imagery to shock and offend the liberal establishment as a sign of rebellion and contempt for extremist PC Liberalism that has tipped over into totalitarian thoughtcrime and speech crime legislation.

    I had hoped to start a fashion of wearing Iron Cross and Swastika brooches and badges on burkhas and shalwar kameezes etc so that anti-war nationalists and anti-war Muslims can show solidarity with each other against the government's insane foreign policy of compulsive liberal interventionism. I had also intended that Kevin Watmough would benefit from increased sales of these badges.

    Besides, it has been over 67 years since WW2 and it is time people got over it.

  3. Apologies if anyone took my comment seriously !

    Durotrigan made some sarcastic remarks re the Respect candidate in Bowling Ward Bradford and his photograph brandishing a gun. This was followed by ' This particular candidate ought to get together with neo-Nazi gun nut Dave Jones who is standing for election in Todmorden, for they are well matched.'

    I made a humorous comment including some references to Islamic phrases such as 'Ummah','Fatwa' and suggesting Respect has a Religious Affairs Unit at a spoof address in Saudi Arabia. There were enough obvious errors to show the comment was a joke - for example '666 Waheebi Avenue' (666 being of course the number of the Devil !).

    Apologies to Dave & Claire if anyone took my comment seriously - it was just well, Yiddish humour !

    Ivan Winters

    1. Do not fear Ivan, I took what you wrote in good humour. Following Claire's comment however, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of her clubbing harp seals on Canadian ice floes as part of a promotional exercise for animal welfare. All purely 'ironic', of course.

  4. I find it hard to understand why the Dave Jones that I heard speak so articulately and with such conviction at the CDN meeting in Oakenshaw would allow themselves to be photographed in such a compromising manner.
    Surely you understand that this association and fascination with Nazi imagery has held true Nationalism back for decades and merely gives the left and the press a handy stick to beat us with?
    And Claire, just what are you trying to achieve?

  5. I refer Anonymous to my previous comment. Is that so hard to grasp? And for the publicity, of course. The hit rates for my blog has gone up and up.

    In case I need to say this again - and it appears that I do - the photos are intended as A SHOW OF DEFIANCE to the liberal establishment whose ideas are now past their sell-by date.

    1. Interesting. Evidently a couple of stops past Dagenham.


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