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Saturday 14 January 2012

EDL Promo Video: Rhea Page Leicester Demo

Below is the latest video release from the EDL publicising their forthcoming demo in Leicester on 4 February which will be highlighting the judiciary's unwillingness to acknowledge the reality of violent racist attacks directed against the indigenous white population, as exemplified by the lenient sentencing of Rhea Page's attackers who yelled racist abuse at her during the assault. The video also draws attention to other cases of anti-white race attacks where our legal system has deliberately chosen not to classify them as such, even when the evidence conclusively points to them as being motivated by hatred of whites. Amongst those featured in the video is the attack upon Wiltshire schoolboy Henry Webster by a Muslim gang which left him with severe head injuries. Good luck to the EDL with this demonstration. Let's hope that it attracts a very large turnout.

Sadly, yet predictably, an anti-English and anti-democratic protest is being planned by the Leicester offshoot of the totalitarian group UAF, whose members are intent upon whipping up an atmosphere of hatred and violence against the English. It is groups such as UAF which deliberately foster an atmosphere in which anti-English and anti-White race attacks are swept under the carpet and held to be insignificant, whereas any crime against someone who happens to be black or Muslim is held up to incriminate the whole of English society and every English person. This is straightforward anti-English hatred and should not be seen as acceptable. If you are a trade unionist who has been harassed into declaring your support for this anti-English group masquerading as an 'anti-fascist' organisation, please make it known to them that you do not agree with their anti-English campaign and support neither its aims nor its methods.

The second video below articulates a message not often heard. Not a bad track. Controversial? Make up your own mind.



  1. If we don't make the grade for genocide, perhaps we could be put on the endangered species list.


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