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Thursday 19 January 2012

MPACUK: Not keen on the EDL

Hardly a surprise, given that the stated mission of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee is to increase the power, influence and voice of the Ummah in the UK. Why however, they should not understand that a people in their own homeland – the English in England – should wish to resist Islamisation, is a question that should perhaps be answered by a psychiatrist, for it is not a logical position. Islam is not part of English identity and is incompatible with it, unlike for example Druidry, Wicca, agnosticism, atheism and Christianity. It is so incompatible, that any native who converts effectively renounces their ethnicity and declares themselves in opposition to the interests of their kith and kin. Thankfully, some who convert are bound to later realise the error of their ways and see their digression as either an aspect of youthful folly or as behaviour characteristic of a vulnerable interlude in their lives when they lost their sense of self-respect. 

Anyway, returning to MPACUK: what has been discomfiting its supporters of late? On their site I stumbled upon the following extracts taken from a piece entitled ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’ (I wonder if they think that ‘The Tremeloes’ are haram?):

In the latest news, the so-called English Defence League has set its eyes on areas which it has previously not marched at, such as Walsall and Bristol. To add insult to injury, they now have a formal political voice, via an agreement with the British Freedom Party. The BFP is also Islamophobic and the resources on their site point to the usual Islamophobic propaganda, as used and encouraged by terrorist Anders Breivik and their ilk.

It is pathetic that the most of our mosques ever seem to do is to tell people to stay in their homes and to not go out onto the streets. Furthermore, they tell the Muslims that to engage with the EDL thugs is mindless and pathetic. However, what many of them fail to realise is that when we go inside our homes, they will come knocking on our homes and destroy them. They have absolutely no dignity for any buildings in which Muslims are occupants as demonstrated by their recent march outside East London Mosque. 
I too find it an ‘insult’ that marches by the EDL are nowadays required to highlight Islamisation in Walsall and Bristol, for it is depressing that Islam has put down roots in these corners of England. Bristol apparently now has a sizable Somali colony. What benefits could possibly accrue from poor old Bristol acquiring a population of some 15,000 Somalis? Narcotics abusers who are keen on khat might find their presence a welcome addition, but who else I ask, other than anti-White Anglophobes? 

The BFP, particularly of late, may have adopted a somewhat Neocon tone, but it is rather hysterical or cynical (perhaps both) for MPACUK to seek to associate it with the name of Breivik. If the party was of the same ilk as Breivik after all, I would be extremely worried, for Breivik chose to massacre not Muslims, but native Norwegians.

It is telling that the author of this particular MPACUK article thinks that some mosque leaderships are “pathetic” for telling “people to stay in their homes and to not go out onto the streets.” This suggests that this individual has been picking up bad political habits from anti-English campaign group UAF and their SWP controllers, such as making slanderous allegations about the violent intent of EDL protestors. The writer has evidently been spooked by SWP propaganda, which serves to illustrate the highly destabilising and dangerous role that the Trotskyist Left plays in Britain today. It seems eminently sensible to me that the mosque elders he has chosen to chastise recommend that demonstrations should not be met with counterdemonstrations, for such occasions are bound to become overheated, particularly when the agents provocateurs of the SWP are present. The latter lust for violence, and clearly and willingly incite it.

Laughably, multiculturalist convert Boris Johnson is described as “Islamophobic”, but the author concludes their fearful piece in calling for Muslims to vote for Ken Livingstone in the next London mayoral elections. Well, at least on this count the author is correct: Ken will be a compliant dhimmi.

Ultimately, this MPACUK piece, as well as the existence of MPACUK itself, reminds us that we do have a problem with imperialist Islam in our country today. However, tempting as it may be, it would be myopic and not overly productive for a political party to become overly fixated upon attacking this manifestation of our multiculturalist malaise. The growth of Islamic militancy and of the population that gives it succour is a symptom of the globalist outlook of our political class and the associated policies that have been imposed upon us. The issue of Islamisation could be dealt with readily and peacefully enough should the political will be present. Thus it falls to us to discredit and remove the ideology of globalism, replacing it with a democratic nationalism in which the economy is made to serve our people, and not our people an unaccountable global market ruled over by transnational financiers. 

Not an organisation that I would care to endorse

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  1. For a peek into the mind of many British Muslims. A ripping good read.


    Brothers, the Queen Mary Athiest Society, sister of the shaytaani UCL Athiest Society (which published pictures of Rasoolullah(saw)) are holding an event today at Queen Mary University of London at 7:00 pm on ' Is Shariah in violation of human rights'.. We need your presence. Who gave these kuffar the right to speak? Let me ask you - if a bunch of kuffar got together and were given the right to touch your mother up and analyse her, then would you stand by and let it happen? Then what about your deen?!! Remember, these guys hate religion and are not looking to have an unbiased debate. Please be here by 7 pm. to let them know what we think. Back in my day no-one in UNi would dare even look the wrong way at a muslim, because we used to represent our deen and didnt take kindly to it being insulted. It is only when the pacifists ecame numerous that the kuffar dared to raise their heads. @ david sizer lecture theatre- francis bancroft building


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