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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bradford: 54-year-old Man Attacked

At times, driving in Bradford can jangle the nerves. To put it politely, irregular driving is not overly unusual, and often downright dangerous in the UK’s capital of uninsured drivers. Thankfully however, I have not experienced the sort of incident that left an unfortunate victim of an unprovoked and vicious attack with a serious wound to his face. The assault took place on Tuesday 10 January at about 4.30pm on Gaynor Street. The 54-year-old motorist had been cut up by a black Seat Leon and forced to take evasive action. Naturally, the man was angry and pulled up, as did the other driver, said to be an “Asian man, in his early to mid twenties, around 5ft7ins, . . . wearing a grey cardigan.” After a verbal exchange the latter then hit the victim “in the face with a heavy object as he walked back to his car.”

This type of extreme and unwarranted violence has unfortunately occurred in the city before, and on this occasion the victim received 20 stitches in his face. The identity of the victim has not been revealed. West Yorkshire Police are appealing for potential witnesses stating:
Good luck to them in their search. Let’s hope that this thug is apprehended soon before he has the chance to unleash this sort of violence against anyone else. 

CCTV Still of Suspect's Car


  1. It's funny, with all those CCTVs they are supposed to have, I've never seen a decent image from them.

  2. That's true enough Gary. The images taken from them seem to resemble the world through the eyes of a drunk after 15 pints.

  3. That would be pisslamophobic if they could be identified!!


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