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Friday 20 January 2012

“Big Issue! Cross my palm with silver, or my children will pick your pockets!”

"Here to do the jobs that British people won't do" are they? Tres amusant! It would now seem that they are also “here to sell the Big Issues that British homeless people won’t sell”, or so the owners of the magazine would have you believe. Astonishingly, it was revealed on Radio 4 earlier today that in some areas of the country 80% of Big Issue vendors are Roma immigrants from Romania or Bulgaria who, moreover, use this status as a scam to claim a number of benefits including housing benefit. Now, whereas I can understand that Romanians and Bulgarians must be delighted to be rid of them, I’m really not sure what benefit we gain from them being here. Well, I suppose that their presence adds to the ‘diversity’ of our grumbles and grievances, but other than that . . .

"Anyone who is self employed or working is entitled to certain benefits, In the case of A2 nationals this is housing benefit and working family tax credits. Selling The Big Issue in the North is genuine self employment and we would defend anyone’s right to claim a benefit if they are legally entitled to it regardless of their race.
When Roma come to The Big Issue in the North they have few ways of earning an income and therefore securing and maintaining a roof over their and their families heads.
As a country we believe it is unacceptable for families to live in poverty – our benefits system supports this – and this support must reach every person and family which we allow to live and work here regardless of race."
Owing to indoctrination the poor woman is unable to disentangle the concepts of nationality, citizenship rights and obligations and racial ‘discrimination’. Don’t buy The Big Issue from Roma; we, sadly, have enough homeless people of our own.

Although the BBC loves to try and put an anti-European spin (i.e. anti-European as in anti-indigenous European not anti-EU) on stories connected to mass immigration, today it couldn’t quite writhe out of the fact that of the 371,000 current benefit claimants of foreign origin resident in the UK, the majority of them hailed from such countries as Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran and India. Indeed, owing to this fact it was left to the Daily Telegraph to reveal their countries of origin, as for some reason the BBC came over all coy about discussing this matter: “258,000 were from outside the European Economic Area.” One suspects that given these countries of origin a goodly proportion of these claimants could well be Muslim ‘single’ mothers i.e. wife number two, three or four of bigamist Muslim males. They form a wonderfully ‘valuable’ complement to our long-term Roma visitors, little Pakistans and Nigerias etc that have sprouted across England in recent decades.

In practical terms, the Conservative Party will do nothing about mass immigration because in reality it likes it; its upper echelons actually couldn’t give a damn about the origins of those who live in the UK providing that they’re a productive little work unit whose labour can be harnessed by unscrupulous companies unwilling to pay a living wage. The immigrant labour that such companies employ is not so much here to “do the jobs that British people will not do” as to “do the jobs for which unscrupulous employers are unwilling to pay a living wage.” Yes, many immigrants from Poland, Lithuania and other post-Communist European countries are highly educated, work hard, are motivated and willing to work long hours for little money (Roma excepted from all of these observations of course), but the influx of this labour has had an overall effect of driving down wages to such an extent that nobody can hope to support a family on them, especially when taking into account the current state of the housing market and rental sector.

Young Poles and Lithuanians without family responsibilities may be willing to rough it for a few years, even going so far as to share rooms and a bed, but that is no way for anyone to live in the long term. Blame the globalist politicians and businesses and not our Polish cousins for this state of affairs. Moreover, although the EU has effectively made our borders thoroughly porous, it is predominantly non-European immigrants who create problems for our society, and most of those problems reported by the media as connected to ‘eastern European immigrants’ are actually connected to Roma. NUJ guidelines on race and religion however, cause reporting to be systematically distorted and this fact to be omitted.

All in all, what new does this story about 371,000 foreign-born benefits claimants tell us? After all, it is just one in a seemingly endless stream of stories all reinforcing the message regarding the ongoing dispossession of the native British and English. The story duly ran in The Telegraph and The Guardian with predictable emphases, with the latter of course claiming that this was really rather a small number of people and that all immigrants are lovely, vibrant and enriching. Thus ends another day in the asylum that is the contemporary United Kingdom. What difference will today's 'revelation' make? Not much. A couple of opportunistic Tories will make some populist noises in an effort to curry favour with voters disgruntled with the open-door mass immigration policy, but they will possess neither the will nor the power to do anything about it. Voters will thus be duped and continue to vote for a party that in reality has no intention of changing policy in this area.

Lucky Charm Anyone?


  1. This Pandora's lid was removed by Labour, continued by The Tories but made a gerrymandered art form from 1997. The crux of the matter is socialism runs the poor, corporatism the rich.

  2. These scum are all over Kent too. The Big Issue is for homeless people but these parasites and thieves have council homes or other tax payer funded homes, cars etc. If they don't, they break into someone's house when they are out and squat. The police do f#ck all. They pester everyone in the street her. I tell them to eff off and as soon as they spot me, give them either one or two fingers. They are actually mozlems who have been on the move from India for hundreds of years but for now their permanent and squatted base is Romania. But they are NOT Romanian!

  3. Alas Old Rightie, this mass immigration scam has certainly been made an "art form" these past 15 years. The upper ranks of the Conservative Party like it for the reasons that I mention above, and Labour adore it because they have become increasingly reliant upon ethnic-minority bloc votes having abandoned the English working (or often now unfortunately non-working) class.

  4. Lots of them in Kent Juniper? I didn't realise. The last time that I was in Kent (which was a very long time ago), I think you could safely say that virtually all residents were Kentish natives, or at least English.

    The phenomenon of housebreaking and squatting must be alarming. Do you have any links to articles on this theme? Is it known whether the Roma in Kent have any involvement in rail cable and metal theft? This is certainly something that I've noticed a lot of in recent years, but suspect is often conducted by longer-established 'travellers'.

  5. Here is one public article.
    Kent is on the frontline against illegal immigrants. Out council tax is unusually high for a semi-rural and economically deprived area. We have to subsidise these people who come across, often under lorries etc. They form male only gangs who roam the streets after dark. Before this it was amazingly safe to walk about at night. Now we have these repulsive parasitic scum. I live in a small coastal town and these people are more prevalent than in an area the same size in London. One lot have the whole family selling BI in different parts of the town(s). They pester people who have less money than they do. We also have hundreds of dope factories, in squatted buildings, run by Vietnamese gangsters. An increasing number of people who do no work but come from abroad, live here: Some come as fake students to the schools of English and stay on. We have Angolans, Arabs, Lithuanians, Poles, Russians, Kosovan muzlims. And where are the police?? They don't give a flying. But now the local MP has had it's house burgled, it may or may not change.

  6. @Juniper:
    We had their Irish tinker cousins causing mayhem near where I live within Hebburn. They did it once and got away with it. The second time they decided to set up home and take the piss, they were met with a barrage of rocks, timber and whatever people could lay their hands on. They left and have never dared come back.
    A lesson for every invader. And a template for every Englishman.

    HebburnLad. Englisc.

  7. Of course most of them aren't Romanians, but Gypsies...or Roma as they prefer to be called so as to deliberately confuse people.


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