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Saturday 7 January 2012

Thank you Comrade Abbott for our happy Childhood!

Now there we were all thinking that Kim Jong-un had become the unchallenged successor to his father the recently deceased Kim Jong-il and along comes this video below illustrating that there is perhaps another pretender to the North Korean leadership, or failing that, someone with aspirations of installing a North Korean style cult of personality in north London. What manner of egomaniac gets schoolchildren to rap a Jafaican encomium to their person, forcing innocent English youngsters to engage in ugly politicised propaganda whilst mangling their mother tongue? What kind of teacher not only allows this to take place in their school, but actively embraces and promotes it? This is not what any sane individual would recognise as education. This is political indoctrination pure and simple.

Those of us with some awareness of history know precisely where this type of activity has taken place before, do we not? If I had the skill, I would be tempted to rework the famous poster below substituting the figure of Abbott for Stalin: Thank you Comrade Abbott for our happy Childhood! If she had her way, English children would be informing on their parents for harbouring 'racist' views. Who's to say that this is not already happening in this particular Hackney school? As she is so keen on such Stalinist tactics, I think it only fitting that she be accorded a Soviet-style Russian nickname: Govnyushka. Luckily for Govnyushka the North Koreans have just released a video (see below) in honour of Kim Jong-un that she might find useful as a template for her own condensed biography.


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