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Thursday 14 April 2011

David Cameron's Immigration Speech

Tonight's post will be brief, for not a great deal needs to be said with respect to David Cameron's speech on immigration other than: remember that local elections are two weeks' away.

Cameron talks about reducing mass immigration to the "tens of thousands" per annum rather than hundreds of thousands. Such a level is still far too high, and yet the open border Lib Dem fanatics, such as Vince Cable, even shrilly object to this less-than-impressive 'promise', deploying their totalitarian stigmatising gutter language: "extremist"! For a Lib Dem, it is deemed to be 'extremist' if you are anything other than fanatically in favour of open borders.

Cameron will not halt mass immigration. Moreover, he would not wish to do so, for he is in favour of it. Remember, in the past few days he has excoriated Oxford University for having too few black students (using completely false statistics), doled out hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to Pakistan, and continued upon his tragi-farcical meddling in Libya. What relationship does any of this bear to our national interest or to the well-being of the people of this country? None. Cameron's posturing over immigration is of precisely the same nature as his posturing over multiculturalism: it is deployed with the intent of generating positive headlines in the Tory press, whilst his administration continues to implement policies favouring mass immigration and multiculturalism. Cameron might consider that he has to personally atone for some imperial ‘sins’ of his family, but leave us plebs out of it Dave. Whilst his ancestors were busy amassing massive fortunes, my forebears were being impoverished by the enclosure acts. Where’s your apology and payback to us Dave?

Durotrigan is taking a break from blogging until later in the month, and wishes all readers an enjoyable Easter.

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